One More Challenge Piece

Ok, here is the last altered cutlery piece for the challenge - I was on a roll...!
A vintage iced tea spoon, with an Art Chix girl,vintage M.O.P. buttons, more painting, and some recycled tulle to finish it off!

The other item is a thrift shop cast off-I volunteer at the local thrift store and sometimes certain donated things are deemed unworthy for sale. I am well known for my dumpster diving there- I always check the trash before I start work - ya' never know!!! I guess this little gem was a napkin holder, very primitively made and signed on the bottom in pencil: 'Made by Wm. Clyde Baker -Dola Baker's husband'
It definitely was not perfect, but had enough charm that it needed to be rescued from the trash!!! It kinda looked like the wood shop projects kids used to do in high school years ago!

So, with a little paint (I am into green - can ya' tell?), edged with some pink trim, a colorized Art Chix girl, sea shells to cover the nail heads, and some faux pearl and beaded trim, and Wm. Clyde's handiwork has a new lease on life as a letter holder next to my computer!

I am having trouble getting my photos to sit where I want them on these posts!! It is not as easy as putting pix up on wordpress. So, I apologize for them being all over the place!!!


  1. VERY clever! I love that shade of green. Too cute!!
    Blessings- LillySue

  2. Spring green = Love it! Your spoon is wonderful and hey, I wish I could get my text to run along the photos like you have it. I used to be able to do that, maybe you can give me a lesson ;)
    The napkin holder is SO charming and extra special that you are giving it a new lease on life, beautiful! Can't wait to see your cutlery up close and personal!

  3. Lovely little spoon - love the addition of the tulle! Such a pretty little napkin holder too - Wm. Clyde would be really suprised!
    I know what you mean about placing the photos - I find to that I dont have a lot of control over where they go! You dont seem to be able to move them around or edit them. Oh well!!

  4. wow...I've been looking at your wonderful cutlery and its brilliant !
    Great blog too x

  5. These are great! I LOVE the green paint!