A New Venture

A friend of mine is into dance - ballroom, salsa, foxtrot, whatever. She retired from riding horses, and decided dancing was good exercise, and alot safer than being on the back of a horse!!!
She came to me one day with an old bag that she carried her dance shoes in, and asked if I could come up with something that she could use and sell to the other dancers.
I do make bags from recycled things, like placemats, curtain tie backs, vintage fabric, so I took her ideas and came up with this.

She loved it, and the shoe bag/carryall is making its debut at dance class tonite! I am working on some other styles and ideas,with brighter colors, so she can take a selection to class.

This lined bag was made from a table runner,with a curtain tie back handle, and vintage rickrack and beaded trim. It is a split design, so you can put one shoe in each side.

I guess I'll wait til tomorrow and see if they liked it!!! Fingers crossed!!!


  1. What's not to like! Wonderful bag Pat! You are so creative in so many ways!

  2. Great idea! Good luck with that - I'm sure something will come of it!

  3. They certainly should like it! What a great design you came up with - and so beautifully constructed.
    Linda :-)