Happy Mother's Day

I spent a relaxing day walking the dogs, watching Mr. Green Jeans rototill the vegetable garden plot,  and went out searching for moss and plants for some dish gardens.
I made this upcycled punch glass planter of wild violets for my mother for Mother's Day. I added a heart stone from the river, and tied on a pottery heart from Ruby Floy.

I had some moss left over from mom's gift, so I decided  to make my own dish garden out of a pottery bowl, and  just kept going!!! I made 3 more, including one out of a clear tea pot, similar to one I saw on Moss Acres . The teapot is lined with white beach stones collected years ago, from a beach on the north shore of LI.

The pottery bowl has a tiny Red Rose Tea Wade turtle, with a vintage ceramic mushroom, and a crystal quartz from upstate NY.
The small round pottery garden is moss and lichen with a tiny green frog perched on the rock.

The little ceramic bird with nest was just crying to have some moss in the nest!! I have to find some tiny egg shaped rocks to add to it.

I also have a small fern from the woods- have to find the right container for that one, with some more moss.Tomorrow's project.........................

I needed a spray bottle for all these little gardens- so, here we have it - recycling at its best!!!LOL

I just love the smell of the moist moss- when I close my eyes and inhale, I imagine myself walking thru the woods.


  1. What very pretty planters!! I am so clueless about moss. Can you grow it indefinitely in those planters??

  2. Great,Great Planters, each one is terrific. Love the punch cup of course, and the little ceramic bird is great with the moss and it does need an egg or two or maybe three. Good days work! Lennie

  3. Happy Mother's Day, Pat! Hope your day was lovely!

    How fun is your new found terrium{s} project! Every single one of them radiates special touches from your choices in lovely containers {bird/teapot} to accents {heart river rock {my fav}/mushroom & frog}!!!

    Wishing you all the best...

  4. I love the teapot planter. I think you should have saved it for Tuesday!

    (((GRIN))) So you found that bottle to recycle, right?

  5. Oh my, I have all kinds of moss everywhere in our yard! We encourage it's growth, it doesn't need mowing. LOL! Who knew what could be done with some of it! I am also asking, can you keep the moss alive by just giving it a spritz now and then? I always love your projects.

  6. We are going thru a very dry spell here, so all the moss is very dry and crispy. They become vibrant green when spritzed or soaked and recover very well. Altho the lichen prefer dryer conditions, they don't object to being wet. I am working on making some more creative ones- wish I knew how to do bonsai!!LOL
    And, Gene, the bottle was "found" in recycle, after my daughter, or husband, emptied- er,drank, it!!! I had a sprayer, needed a bottle - it was an almost perfect fit!!!

  7. Pat, these are so stunning. I really love the clear tea pot. I must confess, I've never seen wild violets like the ones you show in the first photo.

    Happy belated Mother's Day. I've been arriving late at things a lot this last week. Hope yours was great.

  8. Love your moss creations, it is a sweet nature ingredient! The white mushroom is perfect ... Love them all! Your tea pot looks like a wee terrarium ... I remember back in the late 70's having all the long tools, tweezer and clip thingies for planting in long neck bottles!
    Lovely inspiration!
    Happy Day after Mother's Day!

  9. I just love your project(s)!!! I've always loved those tiny little landscapes and terrariums .... the smaller the better I always say :)

    I hope your Mother's Day was positively GRAND though :)

  10. j'aime la mousse.. et si bien mise en valeur..très joli!

  11. I absolutely love your T-rarium...it is a work of art all by itself. I will keep my eyes open for a clear teapot and maybe try this moist little miracle myself. I bought a old gold and white English teapot last week at Goodwill and even though it did not have a top I knew it would be beautiful with a small plant in it. I do not know anything about mosses but yours sure are full of serenity. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart