Rug Hooking Extraordinaire

While volunteering at the local thrift shop, I met a woman who creates beautiful works of art out of wool strips.
She is a rug hooker, creating her own designs, inspired by things around her.Rug hooking is one of the original American crafts, probably born out of the waste not, want not ethic of days gone by.

One of these is her version of  an antique fraktur.

Rug hooking was something I attempted years ago- I still have that unfinished attempt, somewhere, with all the hand dyed wool strips, and the cutter. After seeing this, I may have to drag mine out, and try again. I tried it on a vintage piece of burlap, after sketching out my design. Burlap was probably not the best choice for a backing. This artist recommended using a linen, and was kind enough to invite me to her house to check out the  linen and a refresher course on hooking!! I may take her up on that one of these days!!!

This talented lady's name is Donna Lees Bleam, a fiber artist with the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Arts Guild here in Virginia.

Below are two of her pieces-click on the photos for a closer look.

This first one is an old tavern sign.

This is the fraktur.

Absolutely stunning work in person!
I may have to see if I can locate the box with my rug hooking tools, I feel the urge coming on....!!!!


  1. You are right, these are stunning....and what a hobby to have....and the williness of a teacher.

  2. Lovely work by this artist. Judy will love seeing her work. She also does nice rug hooking. Lennie

  3. Take yours out and let this lady mentor you. I'm sure you will end up with a beautiful piece of work! She is so talented, I can see.

  4. I did some cookie-cutter patterned rug hooking years ago, but nothing original; nor as lovely as this artist's work. Very beautiful and creative!

  5. Some people are so talented, aren't they :) just lovely.

  6. Love that fraktur...wonderful

    I still have my hooking supplies and enjoyed it so much down to dying the wool skirts for strips...wish I didn't have to sleep ;)

    happy weekend to ya

  7. I saw women at th county fair making these last summer ..... I wanted to try it in the worst way!!! I lov the primitive and wonky way they come out. Definitely not perfect and precise! These are beautiful!!!

  8. Oh gosh, I may have to re-locate my box of rug hooking stuff. thanks for posting the photos! good memory!