Tea on Tuesday

Beware the Ides of March, because it is today!!! Not a good day for Julius Caesar, but hopefully a better one for you!!!

As I am posting, I have not yet had my tea- sooooooo, I will have my imaginary mint tea in this imaginary teacup!!

A dream of a teacup, with a dream of a price tag!!!

Speaking of mint tea, my mint is starting to poke thru the hard ground.

My daffodils are getting ready to bloom. This bunch will need to be thinned next year - it is a bunch that just popped up in the middle of the field behind the house. Part of the old fashioned daffodils that surrounded the old farmhouse, we are almost finished relocating all of them to around our own house. I just like seeing this bunch pop up out of nowhere - a signal that spring is almost here!

If you have have been to Kimmie's blog for a list of other tea partiers, you may have seen the beautiful little banner she made recently. Well, I am happy to say, that happy little banner now resides with me!!

If you haven't checked out Kimmie's Etsy shop, you really should - who wouldn't want to have of piece of Kimmie's talent !
The banner was so prettily packaged in fabric and wired paper ribbon - (I had started to open it, when I remembered I NEEDED to take a picture, so the twine bow is undone!)

Above is the wired ribbon, also two of Kimmie's little business cards (moo cards?)picturing some of her art.

The banner is made of stiffened tea bags (appropriate for today!) with her own carved ink stamp designs, layered on vintage dictionary pages. 

Temporary place of honor over a doorway, out of the sunlight, so it won't fade! Once we paint the walls (!) the banner will have a permanent spot.
Thank you Kimmie!!!

Please feel free to join us for tea (real or imagined) every Tuesday! Drop by Kimmie's   or Patty's blog for a list of other tea drinkers!!


  1. Lovely T with you today as always dear Pat
    you made me giggle about the 280$ tea cup!

    How wonderful that you have Kimmie's banner...perfect for it to find such a good home!

    Happy T to you!

  2. happy tea on tuesday and your daffies are lovely!!

  3. Lovely tea post and that cup is too rich for me...well they said it was a coffee cup anyway. LOL Nothing prettier than daffodils in bloom. Kimmie's talent is shining throuh for sure. She is very creative. Happy tea day to you.

  4. Greetings Pat,

    Enjoy your tea as I do mine a little later this morning. Love seeing your daffodils. Ours here are also our of the ground and even a couple have opened up and greet the rain we still have even today.

    Wishing you all the best,

  5. I would like having that tea cup better than any fancy negligee to be sure! We have lots of royal Copenhagen stuff ...it's pretty special :)

    Thank you so much Pat for giving my banner and my Etsy shop such a big mention! You are sweet! I am glad you like it .... It suits you and your wonderful country life perfectly! (and yes, those are Moo cards. I have a button on my blog that will take you there .... And they pay me for clicks too!)

    Happy tuesday! Kimmie

  6. oo i likee your cup! will have to look for that second hand though...ooo so sweet that kimmie's banner has a lovely well cared for place to hang out! happy t tues, pat!

  7. Lovely imaginary tea in cup ;-)
    I have some chocolate mint growing in my yard. It is such a pretty deep green color. Lots of Lemon Balm already poking up, too. Gonna be a good year for herbal teas!
    Happy T on T

  8. Whoot! that is a super banner, and I am jealous.
    I have had tea today - finally - I was late, and guess what? It's your mint tea :)
    because, UDABEST!

  9. Love your imaginary tea cup and tea...and Kimmie's creative imagination. What a great banner!

    Happy T day to you.


  10. Lovely cup and great buy :) Happy T day!

  11. What a pretty cup and saucer but ouch at the price tag that goes with it! Your daffodils look wonderful, they really are best suited to clumps that just appear and they always make me feel better, as though winter is finally over.

  12. I love that your imaginary tea cup is an expensive treasure. If imagining, do it big!
    Happy Wednesday!

  13. What a gorgeous cup. It reinforces my belief that these lovely cups and saucers should be viewed from afar, rather than up close and personal. I would be a bull in a china closet with that gorgeous set.

    You have some beautiful daffodils growing. By this time next week, I bet you will have some sitting in a vase or two. Mine have not even poked through the ground, yet.

    And I was so impressed with the banner that Kimmie made. You did a great job of showing it off, too. Sorry I'm a day late. I have been in a real cough syrup fog for several days, now.

  14. I have a different feeling about the Ides of March...I had my open heart surgery on the 15TH of march and I am still cooking things on the back burner. Wonderful gifts you sent Jeanne and another wonderful post. Happy St. Patrick's Day! My daffodils are coming up also and I keep watching for the first bloom of Spring. Peace, Mary Helen