Tea on Tuesday

                                              "French haul"

That is what I kiddingly call the box I received in the mail, just after last Tuesday's tea posting.

My friend, Teresa, just recently returned from yet another overseas jaunt. This time, it was France.
Since I live vicariously thru the travels of my friends (ha!), she was kind enough to send me some goodies from her trip.

There is  


                                                                             There is

                                                    There are tiny jars of jam and honey!!!!

There is a yummy looking chestnut spread is an artsy little can. And no, that is not a baggie of an illegal substance- it is some wonderful cooking herbs.

Also included were some wonder-full little tourist cards- touting all that is fun to do and see in the surrounding areas of France.  Not too difficult to figure out, even if one doesn't speak French (which I don't!)

Mixed in with the exotic teas, are some  Lipton(!), and I love these cute elephants on other packages.

                                                                  Honey in a tiny jar-

                                                     Love the label on this tiny can - 

                                   Very classy teabags.....................I am drinking this today......

........with some apricot marmalade and a chunk of French bread!

             Teresa also included a bar of soap she made: not bad for a first try - I love the feel of it!

                                                 Merci Teresa............viva la france!!!!


                                               Please feel free to join us every Tuesday for tea!!

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  1. That is a terrific package. I was surprised on a cruise, that they had some herbal Lipton teabags. They were pretty good, but then when I got home, I couldn't find them in stores here. So I assume they either make them special for the cruise line OR for overseas sale.

  2. Bonjour Pat :)

    Teresa is so generous and must have had a nice big suitcase for her travels! So many special treats! I {heart} those little jam and honey jars and the elephants too of course... everything looks and sounds delightful!

    Happy T Tuesday to you...perfect for a cup of something hot!

  3. Wow! What a wonderful gift! You will get lots of enjoyment and some fabulous cups of tea from it! Great friends are so important in life.
    Happy tea-day!

  4. Oh my, you made out girl! What a good friend to bring you so many gooodies. Enjoy...I know you will. Happy Tea on Tuesday.

  5. Wow, Pat. I would call that a big French haul. Such a wonderful gift from your friend. Got a laugh at the herbs, and have to admit that I received some of that same chocolate for Valentine's day. Your tea today is superb looking, and of course I'm totally impressed with that bar of soap. Very well done for a first try.

    Happy Tea Tuesday.

  6. What a delightful and thoughtful package from Teresa and to know she had you in mind as she travelled about France. Loved seeing and hearing about all the goodies in this package. Both you and Patty had wonderful posts for this cold Tuesday morn. Lennie

  7. Gosh, that was a fun package you received and as you drink/eat it all, you'll get to relive receiving it over and over! Happy Tea on Tuesday!

  8. what a great packie you got from your friend, wonderful yummy treasures! happy tea day!

  9. Happy Tea Day and thank you for visiting! You hit the jackpot here, your goodies look amazing, and I am soooo jealous!

  10. well lord, girl did you clean up or what!! that is what I call some tea box!! whatever good karma you have been dealing keep it up!
    Happy T on T~

  11. My mouth is watering. It's the apricot jam in your last photo and the giddy thoughts of tasting lots of different kinds of teas and opening tins and jars. YUMMY day at your house!

  12. Wow, what a wonderful treasure trove you received, I'm envious, but you're so generous with others that you absolutely deserve it :) Tea and chocolate are two of my favorite treats and apricot marmalade on fresh bread would make the perfect breakfast for me today. Merci Beaucoup!

  13. Oh my, how wonderful to receive this in the post, you lucky girl!! It all looks so lovely and well thought out... my Mum and two of my brothers live in France... they never send me parcels like this!! LOL Enjoy your tea and french bread.

  14. Fabulous gift box! Wow! You are one lucky girl. It all looks so good. Your tea cup is so pretty too!
    p.s. I just sent you an e-mail about the Easter Tea Cup Swap.

  15. What a sweet friend you have to send so many wonderful and tasty treats. No doubt you will enjoy each and every one. Green tea and dark chocolate is my favorite little treat on a daily basis. Hope you are having a great day. Tammy

  16. That's a really good mail day for you....these are absolutely fabulous!!!enjoy them and happy T!!

  17. What?! WHOA.
    hold on.
    now, she ought to be
    MY friend too.

    Snazzy teabag.

    you are such a posh tea drinker today.


  18. French Haul alright :) what a lovely gift!
    I can tell you are really enjoying your T Day :)

  19. That is definitely happy mail! I wonder what the French word for that is! What a sweet friend! Her soap looks wonderful too!

    Happy Tuesday! Kimmie

  20. Your package is almost like being there...
    Lucky you. :)

  21. Love your sweet teacup, and what a wonderful gift from your friend! Enjoy!

  22. oo lucky you! it all looks wonderful!!

  23. Now thats an interesting package! I enjoyed reading all the labels. Thanks for the mention in your latest post :-)

  24. What a terrific surprise and it will keep on giving to you for a long while. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Happy Rainy Day, Lennie