Tea on Tuesday in April

I have a headache today - so this will be an odd assortment of pix!!!Fortunately, I preposted most of this!!

I am sipping my mugicha barley tea, in hopes of spring and summer actually showing up at some time!!!

If you have never visited Robyn Gordon's Blog- it is a MUST!!!  This link  is a recent post of hers- that is just perfectly suited to today!!! Make sure you check her other posts - she is an accomplished carver, and always has wonderful artists and links to explore.

My recent hrift store finds: this is a cool 1920's pot, the top finial pulls up with the tea strainer attached.

 Definitely a keeper, altho I wouldn't use it!!! A bit too much age and wear on it!

Here is another aluminum vintage, even mini-er, teapot/coffee pot, with a tiny red handle to remove the strainer.

I am going to have to start hanging these teapots from the ceiling!! Alot of them are turned into wind chimes, but these are too cute- I'm leaving them just the way they are.

Some tea related stuff I made for gifts and for Julieanna's shop - business card cases, chalkboard trays, and some tea drip catchers. The drip catchers are a great way to use up left over fabric scraps! I wrote about these in an earlier post- Donna makes some adorable ones for sale- see her blog.
I bought some from her, and played around to make a couple for myself (I gifted away the ones I got from her!) I've been making my with 3 half circles instead of 4- so far, it seems to work since I have smaller scraps to work with!!!
  The chalkboards are made from vintage, tarnished silverplate trays. The one pictured is an old pewter tray.
The business card cases are all different- can be found at Julieanna's or ordered thru me.

And for some non- tea photos - here is a soon to be new member of our equine family:

His given name is Forrest Creek - he is a one year old mini donkey- his every day name will be Yoshi.  He is tooooo cute!!!!

Please drop by any Tuesday for tea - visit Patty or Kimmie for a list of other tea partiers


  1. Hope your headache has gone away....I am not a tea drinker like I have said before but I soooo love anything with a lid and that includes tea pots...love this one.

  2. ooo he is darling! hope you headache is gone now!!!

  3. By now I hope you have gotten rid of that headache. Your tea pots are quite adorable. I agree that they should be viewed, rather than used, but they are still quite unique. What an adorable new addition to your family you will soon have.

  4. Oh, I love little Yoshi :) so cute! How tall is he?
    Oh, yes, tea---your tea pots are awesome, you find the coolest things :) I'm off to check on the blogs you named.
    Hope the headache is gone!

  5. Yoshi is a doll! I love your vintage pots. You find the coolest stuff in thrift stores...


  6. I love those tea pots. If I had a larger place I would probably collect them and have a display case of tea pots.

  7. Cool cool cool! And Yoshi is a sweetie! I'm sitting out this week, but feel just so so happy to see tea happening all over the place!

  8. I have that first teapot in my booth for sale but keep thinking I should bring it home. Sadly, it's missing the tea strainer. Cute donkey. Our neighbor used to have mini donkeys but I think she has gotten rid of them because I haven't heard them recently. Love the sounds they make!

  9. Yoshi IS really cute...more fun at the farm ;)

    your metal teapots are super...that tea egg is extra special too...leave it to you to find cool stuff and turn it into even cooler stuff!

    hope you are good as new today!