ATC Swap

Just a quick look at the almost finished ATC I am making for the online group, In This House and Garden.

It is called Meet the Artist created by  Connie. ATC's are definitely not my specialty- but it was fun to do. My fingers are dried out from the Modge Podge!  Tonite I will be scanning this, and then tomorrow getting my fingers full of glue again, as I put it on 20 cards, then add finishing touches.

The rules are to take a photo of yourself (face) and add a body, however you want. Decorate the card- then using white gel pen, decorate the card to finish it off. It's me, in my jeans and T-shirt (daily uniform), surrounded by lady bugs (which infest our house), and a tea cup.

My daughter laughed and said it was sooo me - so, I guess I was somewhat successful!! She is a tough critic!!!


  1. Cute ATC :) Ilike the texture you have going.

  2. This is adorable! Love that teacup ...
    TTFN ~
    Happy Easter my friend,

  3. That is Sooo You! Fun work of art! Lnne

  4. Oh what fun...Love the teacup!
    Those ladybugs need to go outside where they can do their Europe they are considered good must be VERY lucky!!!

    My bags are packed and I'm ready to go...hmmm hmm hmmm la la laaa

    One last sleep in Virginia and then we're off

    Wishing you and yours a really nice Easter Pat!

  5. That's such fun...standig in a teacup !

  6. So cute! Love the teacup your standing in! ATCs are so much fun!

  7. It looks like you're powerlifting your sanity (lol) .... Love the lady bugs, the ginormous teacup and most of all your fun self!

  8. I got here late for the ATC and a bit early for tea today. Love the teacup you made, as well as your daily uniform.