An Upcycled Easter

Just thought I'd share some of the newest upcycling I've done. Some pieces are available at Julieanna's, some are staying right home with me!!! It is hard to part with things sometimes!!LOL

Close up below of the piece above- vintage silverware, an orphan blue lustreware saucer, and a jam jar. Real eggs and flowers can be substituted- faux eggs and greenery are easier for the shop!

The one above has some local Harry Lauder Walking Stick branches- they will last forever.

An ATC from a recent Bad Penny/Linen Shelf swap fits perfectly with the Easter theme.

                                      Vintage silver goblets and candlesticks have a new use.

                This is my favorite little thrift store bunny - he looks like a piece of molded chocolate.

                                                   This last one is waiting for the glue to dry!!

               Even tho it is POURING outside today (again!)- this is a sure sign that spring IS here!!!


  1. Love yur thrift store bunny and is that a real piece of Lily of the Valley I see there? Lennie

  2. I love the way the silverware is used and what a beautiful picture (the last one).

  3. Oogles, I love your easter pieces :) what a cute idea for spoons to hold the eggs! Also love the Lily of the Valley and your beautiful cherry blossoms :)
    The walking sticks make wonderful additions to boquets or standing alone. Nice ATC, I see your heart stone too---what a gorgeous table you have :)

  4. ooo so lovely
    I can see why it would be hard to part with any of your creations....they look so pretty on your table! but they must really cheer up the shoppe shelves too!

    We almost floated away was a rough ride through that storm on the beltway...I can almost hear the grass growing today with the sun shining!

    Happy Sunday...we're headed over the rive and through the woods to Omi's house once again