The Christmas Spirit

From the gift of the Magi, presented to a small child, under a bright star and clear sky- Christmas has morphed over the centuries into crass, commercialized, frenzied buying in large box stores aglow with florescent lighting..

Quite a difference, eh?

I have to admit, in years past, I was a prisoner of these frenzied times!!

Way too many presents under the tree for my kids,  making sure there was an equal number, so no jealousy erupted.
Had I a chance to do it again, I would have approached the holiday differently.

Someone who has the season in the right perspective is blogger/quilter/artist Gene Black.

Not too long ago, he sent out a request for some "angels". He needed a certain number of quilts to bring to a shelter in Alabama. He knew it was kind of short notice, but he was hoping "his" quilters could come thru' for him!!

I told Gene I would try to be an angel, but was not sure I could commit on such short notice. Plus, not being the best quilter in the world, I wasn't sure my quilt would be up to snuff!

So, without really committing, I started a quilt, with leftover fabric from my limited stash.

As it got closer to the due date, I panicked! I had intended to do some spiral machine quilting, but the quilt was about 64" square, and there was NO WAY I was going to be able to fit that in my Pfaff!! I have sent a few quilts out to Joanne for machine quilting for just this reason!!!

I shot Gene an email, apologizing for being a failed angel, but I just did not think I would be able to make the deadline.

With my own self imposed pressure now gone, I sat down, rethought it, and just quilted it on the diagonal, just to get the thing out of my kitchen!!! (The basement studio was too cold, so everything was up on my kitchen counter and d/r table!!LOL)

Lo and behold, my simple diagonal stitching worked, the binding was  folded over, I rounded the corners of the quilt, and machine stitched in place. This quilt would certainly NEVER win a prize anywhere, but it wasn't totally bad.
I mailed it on the 19th- and it FINALLY arrived, in the nick of time, on the morning of the 24th!!! (I mailed a similar sized package from VA to California on the 22nd- and that arrived on the morning of the 24th- mail going to CA arrives quicker than mail going to Alabama- go figure!!!)

Gene sent me a lovely email. Of the several girls who were still at the shelter for the holidays(they got first pick!), one chose my quilt out of the whole pile!!

Here is part of what Gene wrote me:
"......One of the girls picked your quilt......the look on her face when she read the label was priceless. She was amazed that the quilt came "all the way from Virginia" and she loved what you wrote on it. You made her a very happy girl for Christmas...and for that- I thank you again. I managed to hold it in while I was there and smile alot....... I realize just how blessed I truly am."

Well, Gene, the girls there are truly blessed to have an angel like you in their corner!!

If you want to see the stack of gorgeous donated quilts, go to Gene's blog and see his post and short video about the Angel Quilt Delivery.
I don't see mine in the pic, I guess it was already claimed by its new owner!!!

And, Gene,  I feel blessed to have been able to be one of your "angels"- even tho' my quilting is not of great quality, it was not the quality that counted in this case.

And I hope the thought that others can care about these girls, without even knowing them, will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

(Sorry, blogger won't rotate the pic!)


  1. Pat, I am still smiling about this. Although your quilt doesn't show in the pictures on the delivery post, it was there on the sofa must likely it got covered up when we were admiring all the quilts. It is in the picture on the December 25th post. It is third from the top.

    As I have told so many people, perfection in quilting is overrated. A quilt made with love shines in its own kind way. Clearly yours was shining brightly.

  2. Oh yes, be sure you read the guest post on my blog tomorrow.

  3. Oh, Pat...your quilt is wonderful. I was totally unable to do one but I did what was the next-best thing...made someone aware of it who I know has a huge heart and would donate one AND she came through and donated two. She is a real sweetheart. I'm not sure she'd want me to mention her name here...not even sure if she is a reader of your blog, but she knows who she is and she knows how very much I think of her for her quick response to my plea for a quilt for Gene's project!

  4. Such a heart warming post - well done you and well done to Gene.

    The true spirit of Christmas shining through.


  5. Your post made me cry...very beautiful post! (but that's no surprise to me.) oxo Judy

    Wishing you the happiest of new years from our house to yours.

  6. I am crying...who cares if it is quilted in a certain manner when a young heart is waiting for a fiber hug from across the country. You have the true spirit of the season! Blessings. Mary helen

  7. This truly is the Spirit of Christmas in this very special project. You may never make another quilt that will be so joyously received and oh how I Love the label you created for this project ... so heartfelt. Great job to all who took part in this venture and to Gene Black for his thoughtful
    undertaking. This is so great! Lennie

  8. Sitting here in New Zealand, alone with a bum knee while the wedding party is at a BBQ, gulping back tears. What a beauiful, and way appropiate for the season, story.

  9. Wonderful wonderful post Pat! I just love how once you "uncommitted" yourself, your heart recommitted you all over again ... And in a much different way! Great story with a very happy ending! And I think your quilt looks lovely and warm ... I am not surprised it was picked among the first :)

  10. ~i do not think there could be a greater gift than what you gave...i too was brought to tears reading your post...truly a beautiful and magical piece created with such love and care...i know she will forever cherish the warmth given from afar...happy belated holiday blessings and best wishes in this coming year...thank you dearly for all of your love and support you have bestowed upon me...much love light and blessings upon you and yours~