Tea on Tuesday

                    'Tis the season to be jolly..............



                      by all the last minute things you feel you must do for the holiday!!!!!

So, it is always a good time to have a nice cup of tea, sit back, take a deep breath, and think about the real reason for the season..............

This morning's tea is a mug of chamomile- because I am hoping to go back to  bed after writing this post - it is wa-a-a-ay too early!!!!!! Words were struggling to get out of my head, so.......

My favorite tea of late has been loose leaf Provence Rooisbos- I just love the scent and the flavor- and it is caffeine free! From South Africa, it contains rooisbos, rosehip, lavender, raisins, black currants, blueberries, and rose petals. 

Yesterday, a friend gave me some Twinings Winter Spice to taste test. It passed the test!! It is a "camomile tea flavoured with cinnamon, cardomom and cloves".

This past Friday was Julieanna's 2nd Annual Holiday Dessert Tea and Teacup Exchange.

I designed and made the 43 ornaments, with some additional embellishment by Julie.

One of the teacup exchange attendees made a gorgeous pineapple centerpiece

The dessert included chai mousse, a peppermint scone, and another tasty treat with pecans-pecan puff, maybe?

The mystery teacups lined up for the exchange

Tea mistress Susan getting ready to read her traditional tea story

Some of the lovely tea cups that were exchanged

I LOVE this blue one, received by my friend, Judy. It is a pottery mug/teacup, created by one of the guest's mom. The potter goes by the name Hot Flash Pottery!!!! Gotta love it!!!

I received a lovely, delicate, vintage Noritake demitasse set- coincidentally, from the same lady who gave me a wonderful Shelley set last year!

The rest......

A lovely time was had by all - Susan and Julie outdid themselves, as usual!!

Today, after I get more sleep - I will be off to a cookie exchange. D/H and I spent several hours night before last, making 9 dozen pizzelles. Next week, we should be making another 9 or 10 dozen. The holiday is not complete without pizzelles- we have been making them together, for over 20 years....

One of my daughter's fondest memories, is pulling a chair up to get at the container of pizzelle "trimmings", that I would "hide" on top of the refrigerator.
Trimmings are just as delicious as the cookie, by the handful or, as she would do - in a bowl of milk!!

Please be sure to drop by Kim and Patty, for links to other tea fanciers.


  1. Hmmm.. those trimmings from the pizzelles do remind me of cereal. I would think they were good in a little milk. (but I would use almond milk as I don't like cow's milk.)

  2. these are such a delight to see dear PAt!! Happy T Tuesday to you and yours!!

  3. This all looks so wonderful! I'm a bit sad I will miss Christmas in the states. We'll be in New Zealand for Christmas (and out 10th wedding anniversary).

  4. after reading what all you've been up to...I think you deserve to go back to bed for more rest Pat!

    Lovely post!!!
    I can visualize being at Julieanna's with so many special and thoughtful touches!
    ...there in spirit

    Happy December Daze to you and yours

  5. Oh how fun! A tea cup exchange party! Looks like everyone received a great cup.
    The teas you shared look fab too. The ornaments are great!

  6. Glad you had a super time. I could put the hurt on that fruit plate--with tea to wash it down of course.

  7. Lovely post :) Looks like a lot of fun and good food was had, I love the fruit plate--it's beautiful! Thanks for sharing all the photos of the lovely cups :) happy t day

  8. Wow, you have a LOT going on in this single post! I am impressed by the tea cup exchange, as well as the fruit and goodies that are making me hungry. Of course, the ornaments are adorable. I can see you spent a lot of time on them.

    As for chamomile, I'm not a fan, no matter how much you dress it up. But it's nice to read that you enjoy it and found some that you would recommend. Now the pizzelles are a different story. I could eat that entire basket of them! Can you tell I really LOVE them? I even have a pizzelle iron (or whatever it's called). Have a super Tea today.

  9. I did notice the time on your comment you left for me this morning ... Thinking you were up early to milk cows or something!!! Yikes! Hope you were able to get back to bed :)

    Your teacup swap looks like fun ... And I have never made pizelles .... I love to hear about different traditions people have ... Btw your pizelles look delish!!

  10. What a great IDEA! The tea cup exchange must be very fun and the goodies were yummy looking. I enjoyed your sketches! Happy Tea Time. Pam

  11. That looks like a delightful tea party. I love your ornaments and that pineapple creation IS gorgeous. I would love to dig in to that!! All of the cups; truly remarkable!!
    Merry Christmas,