Tea on a Rainy Tuesday

Torrential downpours from down south have made their way here. We have had unseasonably nice weather, and it is still in the 60's, but POURING!!!!!

So, that will keep me inside today, scrambling to finish the ornaments for the upcoming Julieanna Holiday Teacup Exchange and Dessert Tea.

Am starting the morning with some loose leaf mint tea from Frontier, mixed with assorted dried mint from my gardens.

I chose a vintage mismatched teacup and saucer, that rarely leave the cabinet. I don't remember if they are thrift store finds, but this marriage seems to work- since they are both of vintage blue design.

I love the scalloped rim of the cup. The maker's mark on the underside is barely distinguishable -from Japan, most likely. 

Here are the stacked pieces of the Julieanna ornaments that I am working on:

They WILL be done and delivered on Thursday!!!!

While waiting for paint to dry on the ornaments, I threw together these two little Christmas goodies:
Above is a canning jar "snow globe"
Two tiny trees, some batting, and a tiny Red Rose Tea English Wade snowman, with silver glitter for snow.

Below is a tiny Xmas mouse peeking out from under a tree- set in a vintage zinc canning jar lid.

                                               She is really cute- and needed a new home...


Please drop by every Tuesday, rainy or not, for tea. Visit Patty and Kim for a list of other tea fanciers..


  1. Wow, it is lovely here. No rain in sight and none expected for the foreseeable future. If you are like me, you need the rain. Gotta love those incredible TREES. I'm a tree nut, decorating with only trees each year, so these really pushed my buttons. Love them. And your tea looks great, too. I would NEVER have known the cup and saucer were not a matching pair. Shows how much I know about those things!

  2. love, love, love the canning jar snow globe! I'm gonna make me some of those. Thanks for the sharing!

  3. Very creative with the canning jar snow globe.

    Despite warm temps here, we have been hit or miss with the rain.

  4. Hint: the wide mouth canning jars seem to work best for this project. If you have tiny objects in your scene- and don't raise them above the level of the jar lid(which is extra work), they are hard to see. I got the idea for the snow "globe" from one in this month's Country Living Magazine.
    I have a stash of zinc lids that I use for so many different creative projects!!!

  5. Great post, so full of wonderful things. The canning jar idea is wonderful. I have a friend who makes fairy jars from them usually using cut out photos of her and her family with attached butterfly wings. The blue and white couple for tea is lovely. Happy tea day to you. Oh, our weather has cooled off a lot, but still no rain.

  6. We aren't getting much in the way of moisture around here. It's beginning to worry me. Not that I love moving snow but we need it!!
    Love the canning jar snowglobes. They are empty right...not liquid inside, I mean.

  7. Love your snow globes, I saw them in C/L mag and loved the idea too. My good dishes are Blue Danube made in Japan and I got out a mug to see if it matched but there is just the tiniest bit of difference. I too have always loved that scalloped edge to the cups. I have a huge set of the Blue Danube which I mix and match with my very expensive German of the same design called Meissen. Love them today as I did the first time I saw this design. Love blue and white dishes. Loved your post and passed it along to my girls to read. Lennie

  8. I'm housebound too, there is snow tumbling down in big, wet flakes :)
    I love the snowman and the mouse in your photos--so cute!
    Happy T day :)

  9. ooh soo pretty...the tea cup and the christmas goodie....Happy T Today, Pat!!!

  10. sweet post today
    you do good on rainy days ;)

    Love your Christmas creations too
    I have been obsessed with trees!

  11. I'm sorry I missed your post yesterday :(

    I love love love your miniature worlds under glass and atop zinc lids ... So magical!

  12. The mint tea sounds great for a rainy morning! I do love your mini globe; such a delight!! The little mouse is precious. Your cup and saucer is a great match and so dainty! It looks as though you know who to enjoy a rainy day! We have had nice weather also, but now we are getting rain and it's to turn colder. I guess I am ready for winter...

  13. Puesto que estoy en Chile, vamos a ver si tu lees los cometarios. :):)
    Me encanta el juego azul de te. Parece Dansk. Que piensas tu?
    El paquete de yerba mate que compre para nosotras es super-enorme!!!! Nunca he probado yerba mate, pues va a ser algo nuevo para mi.
    Y si caso te preguntas por que estoy en Chile y escribiendote en la habitacion de hotel, la rodilla esta muy mala y estoy viendo la tele bilingual, esparando los otros a regrasar. Y tengo hambre. :):)

  14. And find the 2 errors in the above :):)