Tea on Tuesday

Sorry to be late to tea!!!
The farrier came today, and today was the day little Yoshi had his first real shoe trimming.

Now, donkeys can be stubborn, and surprisingly, it went far better than I would have expected!

There were a few episodes of nervous diarrhea (the donkey, not me!!), but with a box of mini nilla wafers being fed to him constantly - we got thru' it rather smoothly!!

Donkeys are smarter than we give them credit for - and I swear Yoshi does comprehend English- he knew exactly when it was his turn!!!

Anyway, we are done, tea is on- see my Finnish tea bag - delicious- but I have no idea what it is!

                                                                Can anyone translate?

I am using my lidded St. George English bone china mug, on top of my little stack of quilted mug rugs .

Since Halloween was last night, I thought I would share one of the photos my daughter took during "dead time" at a friend's spirit filled house.

The stories from this house are too numerous to tell here - but look at the orb by the door - they were out in force last night. These were not spots on the camera lens- Katie saw them with her own eyes.This one photo had the clearest shot.The photo is a bit blurry because I enlarged it.
  Katie used my camera last night, and this morning, the battery was dead, and the lens cover is not working right - coincidence?
I think not!!!!!!!!!!

Have a cup of tea with our other tea lovers - visit Kim for a list of other participating blogs - feel free to drop by every Tuesday!


  1. Whoa! You have a "presence" in your house??
    Does the Finnish tea taste anything like Earl Gray?
    Tell more house stories...

  2. Ooooh spooky orb!! I love how Yoshi performed for his first shoe trimming, I hope his tummy recovers soon.


  3. Don't let her blame the camera issues on the ghosts! I've seen many shows that show those orbs during filming. My uncle's old house was haunted (several events witnessed by myself and the rest of my family), but we never saw any orbs... only people in rocking chairs that weren't there.

  4. I missed tea today...and lately. Life becomes so busy. Love your Yoshi story...and am glad the diarrhea malady was his...not yours. It sounds bad enough as is. I can imagine you had the little fellow "eating out of your hand" with the Nilla wafers. Who wouldn't?

    Love, love, love your mug and mug rug.

    Thanks for reminding me to stop by. I enjoyed my visit and am sipping a cup a tea as I read.

    oxo Judy

  5. Oooh .... Spooky!!!! I'm always so glad when it's the day after Halloween :)

  6. Oh man!! I am laughing my a** off about the nervous diarrhea...the donkeys of course. Oh my...breathe...breathe. I'm ok now.
    Poor donkey...poor you. Looks like it was a very spooky night. I've had several spooky experiences myself...never related to Halloween though.

  7. Google can translate the top part.

    Name: 3 seals tea

    put the tea bag into a cup and pour boiling water ??? (probably "over it")
    Simmer for 2 minutes to do so is at its best

    The second part is not Finnish. I couldn't figure it out.

  8. I love, love, love the mat your cup is on, such gorgeous colours!!
    Yes, orbs show a spirit presence :) how interesting.
    I love to watch the show called Long Island Medium :)

  9. Well maybe Katie is innocent...you might have a trickster spirit in your home...maybe they would enjoy some Nilla wafers... Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  10. Great post .... something for everyone ... maybe Lennie

  11. ooo weird!! But I love your mug rugs!

  12. Sorry I'm so late getting here to see your tea post. And of course, I was impressed that only 62 words were stricken from your article. That is actually quite good.

    I am glad the donkey (and YOU) made it through the day with only a bit of donkey diarrhea. I have no idea what the words on the tea bag container are, but I saw the word Anna which could be a girl, a process, or maybe a mystical being (grin).