Tea on Tuesday

I am enjoying a mug (locally made Bay Pottery-sorry, not a teacup) of my Finnish Inkivaari tee- ginger . I even figured out how to keep the T-Sac from slipping into the tall mug - a good ol' clothespin!!!!! Very classy!!!

***Before I forget, let me remind you, if you haven't already been there- to go to my blog post about the upcoming quilt retreat! Still a work in progress, but we'd love to have you in 2012!!!****

I missed Julieanna's last tea class, but here is a quick lesson in photos.

It was about shapes and types of cups and handles.

Here are 2 of the hand outs- maybe you will recognize some of your own teacup styles!

Handle shapes:

Cup shapes

How many of the above do you have in your collection??????

Please drop by for tea every Tuesday - visit Patty and Kim for a list of other tea lovers!!


  1. it's a tea cup if you put tea in...isn't it ;)

    charming charts with tea handles and cup shapes!
    I enjoy a pretty tea cup with a handle that I can slip my finger into

    Happy T to ya dear Pat
    always fun to visit
    p.s. your quilt retreat sure sounds fun...what a grand planner you are!

  2. How many in my collection? Well, er...not sure, perhaps one that's my most charming, from your friend in the tea cup swap some months back. I like tea, but not enough to actively collect the cups. Plus, I don't have your thrifting skills! Who knew there were so many variations of handles and cups? Wait, you knew! I enjoyed your charts a lot, but I'm with Patty S. -- it's a tea cup if you put tea in it, and the one I received in your swap is too pretty to use. I think I hear you groaning. ;)

  3. My son is always asking me difficult antique type questions to research (tea cups, etc.). Thank you for the education that I am getting here that helps me work with him.

  4. Love the chart. It is such a challenge when each company can have it's own name for it's shapes.
    I do love the tea inside too! Though I do have many of the shaped cups in the illustration....maybe I have 60ish cups? I don't have any with curled or butterfly handles.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. That's a wonderful chart for those who love and collect tea cups. I have one tea cup (no saucer) from the thrift store that is a bit like Glasgow. But I am not a cup collector. Just LOVE to see what others have to offer.

    That quilter's convention sounds pretty awesome. I wish I lived closer, but without a good car, it's hard to plan a trip that takes me out of my neighborhood. Love the idea, though.

  6. Gotta love those clothes pins :) I use them around the house for things too---don't have a clothes line anymore! I painted pictures on them one year to hold Christmas cards, lol.
    Anyway, I love your charts, so interesting. I'm not really a collector, but sure love the few that I have....and love to look at all the beautiful ones there are.
    Your event planning skills are awesome :) sounds like it should be a wonderful time!

  7. Love the clothes pin...and your comment! Classy! HA!!
    The chart of the teacup handles is very interesting. I'm going to have to go look at my cups. Even better I need to look at my mom's collection. And maybe borrow a few again. :)

  8. Love the chart of handles and shapes! I collect tea cups of all kinds and I always find the designs interesting. I love your handy use of the cloths pin! Happy TEA day!

  9. I think your clothespin solution is BRILLIANT. I have too many cups for a quick answer. haha

  10. ohhh I love the charts!!! and that's a clever way to hold the bag too.to.thanks for sharing...
    happy To you!!!

  11. I love a tea cup where I can put two fingers in and the third finger propping up the botttom of the handle. I enjoyed seeing your charts. Didn't realize there were so many different names for them. Happy tea day.

  12. How funny that you are sipping out of a mug even while that chart is handy :)
    What is your mug? A "bucket with a "loop" handle? How fun! I have no idea what I've got in my collection .... I mostly go by the paint job as to whether I like it or not :)

  13. Oh thanks for posting the info on shapes - I found that fascinating - I am just learning about tea things - so thanks very much for sharing.

  14. Love the cup lesson! Hope you don't mind if I save those photos for future reference!