Vintage Finds!!

As I sit here nursing a sore back and a stiff neck- I am admiring the causes for my aches and pains!!

Three "new" pieces of furniture were scored over the weekend from a favorite local source .

The first one was the killer, so to speak!!

Altho' I can haul a bale of hay, and push around an obstinate horse, or rein in an 80 lb dog, loading a solid wood court bench into my van almost did  me in!! Guess I need to start exercising!!! Sigh........

This beauty was salvaged from the local courthouse during renovation. The folks I bought it from took very good care of it, and kept it nicely polished. I thought there would be no problem going to pick this and another piece up by myself in my van. Well, only this one piece would fit, and it was a tad bit unwieldy squeezing it in!! The owner helped, a woman about my size - she must be in better shape than I am - I can't believe she is not hurting!!!

              *Note to self - let the husband do all the heavy lifting from now on...............

Right now, the bench is sitting next to the wood stove, and I'm going to make a cushion for it. I love it!!!
And, since my husband spends quite a bit of time in the courthouse (on the right side of the law!!LOL), I thought this would be perfect addition!

The second piece is a great old hand made table, complete with square nails. The owners rescued it from an old building on their property, and did little more than tighten it up and rub it with linseed oil- and it is beautiful!!!!

The third treasure is the piece de resistance!

Not old, but hand crafted by a local furniture maker named Seeley(?)- kind of an equestrian sideboard- too good a deal to pass up - I LOVE IT!!!

Now, if I can just get D/H to finally paint the walls before Xmas, I'll be all set!!!

If you will excuse me, Advil, hot tea, and soft pillows are calling my name.............


  1. You have hit the lottery with these three finds...each one is better than the first. I do love your new furnishings...I have a small church pew upstairs that I dearly love. Happy Happy Happy day for you! Peace, Mary Helen

  2. wow, when I get a new house, I'll let you furnish

  3. Oh wow....I love your new buys...just awesome!

  4. Great finds! Sorry about your back. I haven't forgotten to post photos of the things you sent me, I have working on cleaning out and reorganizing my studio... a mammoth job! I'll get to it eventually. And in case I forgot to thank you... THANK YOU!

  5. Ahhhhhhh...the pitfalls of aging are what come to mind here. I'm not in bad shape, but surely not as strong as I was once, nor as flexible! Exercising is great, but I don't know if it would cure our ills as we get older. Getting hubby to help does the trick though! ;) I love your furniture buys, especially the bench. As always, you have a great eye! An aside, I used a couple of the charms you sent in my box on my doll just posted. It was fun, and I love them on her, thank you once again!

  6. Great score! Hope you feel better soon ;)


  7. Hey I know all about back pain (ouch!) but these beauties look well worth the ouches!!

    I had to get a 14' trampoline off a lorry this week (ouch), and a few months ago I had to get a VERY HEAVY washing machine off a lorry (ouch). Husband at work, ugh!

    Hope your back recovers soon, take lots of care of it.