Tea on Tuesday.......

......will be short today!
Only 33 more days 'til Christmas, and only 16 days 'til Julieanna's 2nd Annual Holiday Teacup Exchange. I am making the little commemorative ornaments for the exchange- and am in a hurry to finish!! Will post a pic when they are complete!

I had my roobois tea for the morning, and now am enjoying a glass of homemade grape juice - from the end of summer harvest of our one huge  vine of vintage Concord grapes.

I keeping with the tea theme - here's a quick peek at Julieanna's tea tasting this past Saturday.
The construction of the tea room is coming long - the walls are painted, the window frames are a work in progress. The room is useable, and hopefully, come spring, the tea room will be ready, and the customers will be a steady flow.

Julie and her granddaughter at the gift wrapping station

I met 2 friends, Judy and Bobbie, at the tea tasting. The pic I took of them caught them mid bite into a delicious cookie - so, I better not show that!!!
We had a lovely time, and did a little brainstorming about my upcoming quilt retreat.
(where- BTW- Pat Sloan will be teaching a workshop, and local rug hooker Donna Bleam will be doing a show and tell)
Well, back to the ornaments!!!!!!

Be sure to stop by and visit Kim and Patty for a list of other tea lovers


  1. I want to live there!

  2. I just met Pat Sloan thru email, what a delight. Hope to meet her in person one day soon.

    Love your tea setting ... beautiful morn juice-scape.

    Happy Thanksgiving
    TTFN ~

  3. fresh grape juice with your lovely view
    the excitement of the holidays
    I don't know why but every year the count strikes terror in my heart and we don't even do a lot of shopping or pressure things for the holidays

    Happy T to ya

  4. So nice to see this gathering, and the lovely decorations. What a nice idea, a mirror to reflect the table with decorations -- double the beauty! Did I miss something? Are you constructing a tea room?

  5. What a lovely view you experienced this morning. It was great to read about how far your friend's tea room is coming. Keep us updated, please. That was a great spread, too. It looks very festive and winterish. Have a great Tea Tuesday, too.

  6. What a great idea, a tea tasting :) and yummy snacks too. Would you believe we can actually grow grapes way up here too :) Not that I have done it, yet.
    happy tea day :)

  7. Lots going on where you are. That's so fun during the holidays or anytime.
    Homemade grape juice, there is nothing better and nothing better for you. We use mustang grapes that grow wild down here in south Tx. Happy tea day.