Hindsight is, well, YOU know - 20/20!!!!

I find counsel and wisdom given to me eons ago (and largely unheeded) now coming out of my mouth to my daughter (probably also going unheeded! LOL) And, so it goes, she will speak the same wise words, with a few of her own, down the road, to another pair of closed ears......

Why is it, that the wisdom of our elders is like the whispering wind - blowing by, swirling around us, but never caught?

Maybe, because in our youth, we must make our own mistakes?

Did the wisdom of the elders become wisdom thru' their own errors, wrong paths taken, and wrong doors opened?


The people we become is a result of those choices we make, right or wrong.What door we open, what room we enter.......

We make our decisions based on what we think is right for us at the time, take the path we want, not necessarily the one suggested by those who have been there before. We may stumble in the woods, get a few skinned knees or hearts, but hopefully, find our way out onto the right path.

Life is a hard lesson to be learned. We may have the manual in front of us- but, tell the truth, how many of us have attempted to assemble that bicycle, without reading the instructions first??? Aaaah, don't need instructions, I can figure this out on my own!!!!

Well, we all create our own path, guidelines are certainly warranted - but sometimes, if you blunder along, it all works out in the end. Might have saved a few years of stumbling, by listening to wisdom, but, then, you would not have learned yourself.

Those who strike out on their own, and have the strength to follow their own path, will come out of the woods, with their own words of wisdom for the next generation of closed ears.

This deep(?!) and hopefully sensible rambling came about from being up WAY too early, and also from a post on Judy's blog about gratitude.


  1. I tell my sons all of the time that they need to tap into my vast wisdome, would have saved them alot of headaches.....and I guess I should have taken my own advice.

  2. very sensible...
    "in the wee small hours of the morning" some of our best thinking occurs. thanks for sharing, TRUTHFULLY.

  3. Have faith :) a smile, and open arms.
    I think we all have to 'do our own thing', like you say, it's how we grow and learn.
    We can be there for them, like our Mom's were there for us :)

  4. I had a long telephone conversation with my mum today with what makes us what we are. I love your photo.

  5. Pat, I can say the same thing about sharing the same words of wisdom I heard years prior with my own children...words seemingly wasted...Words unheeded. I guess it's just the way of the cycle of life to opt to do things our own way. Wisdom rarely comes to youth but by experience. I do believe young ears are open...or we would not remember so well those wise word long ago spoken. Rather, I think, it's a stiff neck and an itch to be grown that
    rejects tried and true wisdom. I remember so well I knew it all back in the day...and then came life in the real world. oxo Judy

  6. Sometimes we've just got to make those 'bad' decisions to become the wiser person. I've made a few of them in the past, and you know what? I wouldn't change anything, because it's brought me to where I am now and who I am now. You can advise but sooner or later independent thought prevails. I hope I will be able to help my children through their own 'bad' decisions (unlike my parents, who left me to deal with the mess on my own with 'told you so' faces), and be there to celebrate the people they become as a result.

    Very thought provoking post - you must get up WAY too early more often!!


  7. Loved your post and it is very thoughtfully done, you do good work in the wee hours before the dawn. Lennie

  8. We will come out of the woods... unless the woods is where we want to be... then we will use the wisdom gained in finding shelter there... When my daughter was in her mid to late 20s, she told me that all those things I told her when she was young (and didn't listen to) were right! I'm going to tell her kids that when they don't listen to her!