Build It and They Will Come...................

( 12-1-11   ~ Please go to this link for the FB Event Page, to keep abreast of updates.)

Going with the premise of Kevin Costner's movie, Field  of Dreams, if I build it- will you come???

Not too long ago, I posted about my son's annual campout  here on our 45+ acres. A bloggy friend, Barb, threw out the idea of my having a quilt retreat here. I'm sure she was only kidding, but the idea got stuck in my head, and, as she said, I ran with it!!! Or, at least, I am TRYING to run with it!!

                                                     Strolling along, and mulling it over.............

My first reaction was, people would have to sleep in tents, because I don't have the space or guest rooms in the house to accommodate alot of people. Barb, like me, is beyond the age of sleeping in a tent- so she suggested RV's would be the way to go!! Never would have thought of that - thanks, Barb!!!

That works for me - RV's, campers, tents, whatever.

                         Anyway, here is a rough (very rough) draft of activities -still to be confirmed:

                                       Mountain Meadows 
                                     Quilters Retreat 

*Arrive late on a Thursday to park and set up. Quilters will  BYO sewing machine and food.

                                              Friday and Saturday activities:

*Quilting (of course) - in a large heated /with electricity party tent or in the hall of the church at the head of my driveway (both options to be further investigated) The tent would allow unlimited all hours sewing for insomniacs!

*Quilt block exchange for the retreat-that could be the sewing project, or anything else you want to sew.

*Trunk show /speaker- I have a local (and wonderful) someone in mind ( am checking on her availability and fees)

*Demo ?- maybe the GO, if we have a camper with one- Hint, hint!.Fees waived, if you do a demo!! Only one demo!

*Gift Basket Drawing - filled with local merchants' goodies

*Trip to downtown Harrisonburg (optional) to tour the Va Quilt Museum, maybe a stop at a fabric store or two

*After the Museum, Quilters Mystery tea at Julieanna's in Broadway, and a must stop in the famous Fulks Run Grocery/Turner Ham

*Campers Show and Tell and Show and Sell (for those who might  have Etsy  or brick and mortar shops)

*Local bluegrass band-depending on availability- evening entertainment around the campfire(maybe?)

*Sundaywrap it up and pack it up for the return trip home.

Depending on the amount of participants, I may be able to convince my daughter to make one of her country breakfasts on Sunday!

For those who don't have RV's or campers- local accommodations include: a lovely 100 year old refurbished cabin, at the base of the forest, by a river- totally zen - sleeps 2 couples (or 4 very good friends!) $100 night(no smoking,children, or pets). It's only 5 miles from my house.I love my property and "my" river, but this land makes me green with envy!!!LOL See below:

You can sit on a bench by the waterfall and daydream..........

The next closest would be the Quality Inn in New Market - attached is the Johnny Appleseed restaurant. There are also 2 B &B's in New Market. New Market is historic, right off the highway I-81 and 20 miles from my house.

Below is one of the B&B's, right next to the historic Meem's Bottom Covered Bridge

****Quilters' Retreat fees would be only enough to cover the church and /or tent rental, tea at Julieanna's, music, and the speaker. Fees will be paid ahead of time thru Paypal, to reserve your spot.( Partially refundable if you are unable to make the trip, giving reasonable notice TBD. I originally thought fully refundable - but then that could leave me stuck with paying for the rentals and speaker!!)

If you are RV'less - and should  decide to stay elsewhere, you are responsible for making your own reservations. Those costs are separate from the Retreat fee.

Date to be decided- either late spring, or September/early October- I'm leaning toward October. I have several local people who are already planning to come!!!!!

So, feedback, feedback, feedback!!!!
What do you think???? Suggestions welcomed!!!

If I "build" it, will you come????


  1. Hubby and I have 3 trips planned for 2012 (one with kids/grandkids) as well as I have my fall quilt trip with my "gals", so I'd not be able to do another. I do part-time medical transcription work and am struggling to figure out coverage for those 4 I can't do a 5th, also. I'm sure it will be a great time for all who do attend, though! It's a GREAT idea!!!

  2. I'm seriously thinking this E is going away for a year, so i'll have to see where I am at that time

  3. I love this idea and think it could become something very, very special. Even though I don't quilt, I'd come (if we aren't in outer Mongolia or somewhere in the South Pacific!).

  4. YOu are amazing, this sounds like so much fun!!!!

  5. It's a great idea! Don't know if I'd be able to make the journey from NJ, but I have a Field of Dreams feeling about your idea too. I'm sure it will happen!

  6. I am cooking this on my back burner...I am too arthritic to be in a tent on the ground... my friend Lupus would probably throw a hissy fit! Peace, Mary Helen

  7. You have been working really hard since you thought of this new venure......Wonderful plan.....the activities sound very interesting even to those of us that live in the area.
    I would love to be included (with my RV)...keep the information coming. Judy from Broadway.

  8. Barb sent me over to view your blog... firstly.... love the blog and secondly... love the idea. I'll be talking this idea over with my "wacky" girlfriends.... sound fantastic!!!!

  9. Very cool! Wish I could come! What a beautiful place to live!

  10. What a wonderfull idea! And if I lived near (say, in the U.S..) I would come as soon as you'd want me to!
    What a beautiful place you live. Very jealous over here (the netherlands)
    My hubby and I been to the US twice no, but I don't think I could get away alone to visit. Maybe some day, when we retire ( still 17 years to go)
    Keep on dreaming and just do it! Your investment don't have to be huge, so why not just give it a go! You never know, you might just be the next "Elmcreek Retreat" (yes, we have those books to over here ;-))
    I will keep reading about your progress!!!

  11. oo Pat! that sounds just dreamy!! i would not be able to make it from MN but I hope you have a wonderful gathering!!