Tea on Tuesday

A drizzly day, a cup of Elephant  fruits rouges tea from France, and a cup with a message to cheer me out of the dreary day doldrums....!

                                         For lack of a theme, or subject to write about, enjoy selected scenes from the previous week.........................

                                                    Santa's reindeer being delivered....


                                                                   Chimney Rock

                                 Yesterday, the moon was still awake at 9am...

Please join us for tea every Tuesday - drop by Kim and Patty for a list of other tea lovers!!

****And, don't forget to read all about next year's Quilters Retreat- also on FB***


  1. Lovely photos! Your cup should help with a dreary day. Love it! Savor the day!

  2. Good morning! Beautiful "God sky" photos as we call them around here. I hope you pull out of the doldrums!

  3. Glorious photo captures Pat...each one is just splendid
    I keep trying to prepare myself for the bare trees and gray days of winter...
    Sending you sunny smiles
    p,s, word verification "wines" :)

  4. Oh Patty you took some amazing photos :) The moon was hidden when it was full, but has been glowing amongst the whispy clouds the past few nights.
    I need a couple of those deer :)

  5. Hi Pat .... beautiful pics of your beautiful country home! wasn't the moon so beautiful this week!!! I do hope you can dance and love and sing your way out of any doldrums! Happy tuesday!

  6. Wonder-filled photos, all of them. You and Patty always take me on a pleasant trip on your blog. You've gotta LoVe that MoOn! Just a beauty. Lennie

  7. Your tea mug and tea look fab! I do so love a good mug of tea!
    The photos are stunning. Thanks for the visual feast!

  8. omgoodness! your sky shots are so gorgeous!!! happy tuesday, pat...

  9. I stopped by Kimmie's early this morning, but she wasn't awake yet. I finally made it back. Looks like you found me, anyway. I really adore the sights from your porch and those photos are gorgeous. Thanks for dropping by today.

  10. You have had a great tea day also!!! Your photos are so sweet. Peace, mary Helen