Food For Thought

There are so many things to be thankful for this holiday season.

Despite all the bad news every time you turn on the television, or open a newspaper, I'm sure, if we thought hard, we could all come up with at least ONE thing that we are so thankful for...................

The other day, my daughter and I were leaving a parking lot in Harrisonburg, after a once in a very great while food shopping trip to Kroger. We spent an unusually obscene amount of money (in my mind), as is the case, whenever I go to that upscale supermarket- despite the coupons and buying generic items. We can always find things there, that the lower end or local supermarkets don't carry.

As we approached the traffic light, car full, - and a glaringly new car at that (only the 2nd new car in my whole life- and in 12 years), there on the center divider, a few cars ahead of us, sat a disheveled man. He had a section of cardboard box, with a hastily written message- something to the effect of - "...former Master Sgt, served in Viet Nam, out of work, ill...etc"
I looked at my daughter, and she at me- we should really give him something, when the light changes. All I had was a ten- which I had to put in the gas tank, in order to get home! She had $3- so quickly pulled it out of her wallet. 

As the light changed, I rolled down the window and offered the 3 dollar bills. He seemed surprised, and literally struggled to his feet - a man probably not much older than I, but looking like life had been rough. There was a long line of impatient drivers behind me, hoping to make it thru' the light, so I didn't really stop to chat. 
His thanks and the flicker of light in his eyes was enough. I found myself apologizing (!), saying I wish it could have been more. In a way, I did wish it could have been more, but despite that new car, the groceries, and an almost empty tank of gas, my funds were almost depleted, being near the end of the month. It was my daughter's last $3 before payday.
I am not writing this to give my daughter and I a pat on the back for giving someone three lousy dollars- but just to say that we all can find something in our lives to be thankful for, and we should help whenever we can, no matter how little we feel it is....

There but for the Grace of God, could be any one of us, sitting by the side of the road, depending on the kindness of strangers.. And you never know, the next person you help(and this should NOT be the reason for you to help!), might really be an angel, checking on the state of kindness and goodwill within the human race!

This short video is a tear jerker - Change For A Dollar- my brother posted it on FB a few days after Katie and I saw that man sitting on the center divider. It is something to watch and share - you never know how many people one small kindness will help.

To everyone in the bloggy community - have a Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Oh, eyes filled with tears reading your post. You are so right.....there but for the grace of God go ANY of us....... Bless you and your daughter for doing what you could to help that man and lift his spirits that day. And Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  2. I know what you mean .... And it is a joy to give to others whe our coffers are not as full as at other times. When it's hard to do it is when it seems the right time. Hugs to you and your family today - and every day! Happy thanksgiving!

  3. Wonderful post for Thanksgiving! We sure need to count our blessings every day. Have a wonderful day!

  4. there's a man like that by us, but one day we saw him get in a new truck and drive off.......bless ya'll for helping him

  5. A wonderful and thoughtful post for the end to my Thanksgiving Day feast day with loved ones. We are so blessed to have each one of them. It was a wild and crazy day but I am a Happy girl. I Loved that video, very thoughtfully done and thought provoking too. Lennie

  6. A very touching video....Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. You did the right thing, I am thankful for people like you :)

  7. Sometimes perceptions are far different from reality. And the fact that you might have "looked" like you had lots of money didn't mean you actually do have. Yes, there but for the grace! I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and I am sure you were blessed.