The Sketchbook - A Confession

I have been working on and off, on my sketchbook for the 2nd year of participating in the Art House Co-op Sketchbook Project Tour 2012.

It's not due til the end of January. 2012.

                                 My sketchbook was not going as well as I would have liked.

                                        Then it took a different turn - it became Yoshi's story.

                                        Now, I've decided, I do not want to part with it!

I think the sketchbook project is a great thing - and I was proud to participate in it last year.
And, it's certainly not that I think my original art is too good to be included - quite the opposite!!LOL There are some extremely talented illustrators and artists participating this time around!! I don't know how they can part with their works of art!!!

Overall, on the tour, my first sketchbook was only seen by people who actually knew it was there. It kind of got lost in the thousands (literally) of books in the tour. I am proud to have it there - that was the first time I had ever attempted anything like that.

And, since, I am not the most prolific artist out there - I decided I really like these original preliminary "yoshis" too much to let them go!!!

Having procrastinated  on what the book should have in it, until the last month or so, helped me in that decision - but mostly, it was, I like my sketches too much!!! I hope that doesn't sound vain- I am just attached!!!LOL

So, I guess Art House can consider my entry fee a donation- 'cause I am keeping the "yoshis", to work on at my leisure!!

Here are a few of them - just beginning - done with pencil and watercolor pencils, some will be finished in Pigma pens.

                                                        Baby Yoshi, mini donkey - born Feb 2010

Yoshi with his mom, Ocean

  Now, this little Yoshi below, was taken at the proper angle- blogger refuses to acknowledge that - tried to crop, then rotate, save as, etc - blogger will not show this upright!! Frustrating!!!!! It was taken exactly as the others were, and they are loading properly.

                                                  Almost 2 year old Yoshi - he eats well!!!!

Naughty Yoshi - I discovered he likes to nibble on tails - two GORGEOUS flowing tails are now "trimmed" on the outer edges!!!!!!

There were a couple more, but they are not loading properly, so I will save them until another time.


  1. OMGosh, this is so sweet, I love your sketches....particularly the 'head' profile! :)

  2. I love your Yoshi's. I have a few things that I have made that I simply don't want to part with.

  3. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to give up that book, either. Your drawings are so, so awesome.

  4. This looks like the beginning of a children's book to me. Beautiful work!

  5. Hi: I am running late for Tea Cup Tuesday. So glad I was able to see your great art work. By the way, I love the tea light and your tea cup. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  6. I am a bit late getting to your blog but I Love your drawings of Yoshi most especially that last drawing! It is great. Have a Blessed Christmas to you and your whole family Lennie

  7. I would definitely keep that one. I guess you don't ever get your journals back once they're entered .... I wonder where they end up. I on't think I old want to o that ... I mean part with something into oblivion. It's one thing to make one thing for a friend .... Anyhow, I ramble .... Right decision I think. Yoshi is PRECIOUS btw!

  8. Oh, how sweet he is! Nice work. A lot of artist I know don't like parting with their creations either; myself included. Your project is delightful!!

  9. That is too too darling that Yoshito nibbles on the big guys' tails!!!

  10. I'm not surprised you can't bear to let your sketchbook go - you have brilliantly captured such precious memories of Yoshi. Those moments are so special to you.

    I sent off my sketchbook just before Christmas. I don't suppose anyone will ever look at it but it gives me a bit of a kick to know it's out there, amongst all that talent. I'm going to be taking part in the Limited Edition one too, are you?


  11. the Yoshi drawings are precious, and i'm proud of you for keeping this work of yours..(.it may lead to more. but more importantly, it will be treasured forever rather than put on a shelf rarely touched.)