Tea on Tuesday- Up to the Challenge !!!!

This morning's tea is in a mug (sorry), not suitable for a photo session!!! Not unlike myself this early in the morning.....!!!

                      But, look at the honey in my tea!!!

I ordered this from the lovely folks at Beekman 1802 , Josh and Brent, and Maria who runs their shop, from upstate Sharon Springs, NY. I placed the order on this past Friday afternoon - it went out in the mail the SAME DAY!! I had it in my mailbox in rural VA on the following Monday morning!!

How is that for service in today's world??? Personal (they call and/or email to answer any questions!), and fast !!!! And, Josh put together my order(according to the back of the little enclosed card)- good job!!! I know how particular Brent can be!!! And being that particular, with attention to detail, is what makes their business  a success- not to mention the quality of their products!!! Thank you, Josh, Brent and Maria!!!!!! (I also ordered something else, but will save that for another day's post!)

It took 648 Beekman bees 1 year to make this 9 oz. jar of honey- hard workers!

A couple of blog posts ago, I put forth a challenge- to create an artsy rendition of a photo of mine.
The idea was the brainchild, of sorts, of Tracey Fletcher King, a watercolorist from across the pond.
She mentioned the photo might make a beautiful painting, and I ran with the idea, and posed a small "challenge" of sorts- giving anyone who wanted to, permission to use this  photo and their imagination to come up with their own interpretation.

I am ashamed to say, I did NOT get around to sketching my own photo !!! And, sadly, there were not many up to the challenge- this time around!!! But, you and I, and maybe even Tracey again, will have another chance next Tuesday!

But, Tracey was definitely up to this challenge- and she did a WONDER-FULL job!!!!

                                                        Here is my original photo:

photo by Pat McNally

Here is that same peony and vintage peony teacup as seen thru the eyes of Tracey!!!
Whimsical and bright- I LOVE it!!! Thank you for the idea, Tracey - and THANK YOU for "playing!!!!!!!Please visit her blog, Tea and Sympathy, to see more of her wonder-full artwork!!!!

  art by Tracey Fletcher King


  1. She did indeed do a nice job. I was't up to the challenge this time either.

    1. Next time Gene - you and I both!!! I have several photos in the running for the next one!!!

  2. What kind of flower is that?

  3. Tracey did a brilliant job with your Cup o Peony Pat!

    and your honey looks and sounds really special!

    Happy T day to you!

  4. I'm back to reading blogs!!!! Great idea about the picture challenge.

  5. Tracey's work is lovely!


  6. Pat, I didn't know how many bees it took to make a jar of honey :) good tidbit!
    I love what Tracey did with your peony photo!
    She IS amazing.
    Happy Tea day

  7. My friend Scott's uncle has a bee farm and sells honey. He has a wealth of bee and honey knowledge. That spread sounds yummy.

    I knew I would be late today, so I need to stop by Tracey's blog and congratulate her on this awesome painting. Hope your tea day went well.

  8. I will have a look at Beekman's - I am intrigued!

    and isn't Tracey amazing!!! her peony is so fresh I can almost smell it from here!

  9. It was just so generous of you to let me play with your lovely photo and I had a great time doing it so thank you for the chance... I am looking forward to your next photo prompt... happy tea on Tuesday...xx

  10. That Tracey can draw anything!

    My boss gave me some creamy honey that I haven't tried yet. I had never even heard of it before. Lemon Creamed Honey sounds like it would be good on a scone. :)

    Have a great day. Tammy

  11. Tracy's drawing is really amazing, worthy of a nice frame and you can enjoy it for a long, long time. Lennie