Tea on Tuesday

Before it hits my Etsy shop or eBay, I will have a teeny cup o'  floral tea in this pretty little demitasse from the late 1940's. It's American Limoges, in the Norway Blue pattern. Older style Limoges was hand painted - these are decals- still cute, from Sebring, Ohio.

                                                Plain on the outside, pretty flowers inside

'Tis summer, the rains are plentiful, the flowers are bright and sometimes fragrant......

gerbera daisy

wild thistle

cheery yellow

coreopsis- birdseed volunteer

"Tea does our fancy aid,
Repress those vapours which the head invade,
And keeps that palace of the soul serene."

Edmund Waller
"Of Tea"

Please join us every Tuesday for tea and more. Drop by Patty and Kim for inspiration and a list of other tea lovers!



  1. Your "garden" has some delightful photo ops. How lovely each and every one is, whether it's a weed or a beautiful flower. They are all very lovely, as is the tiny demitasse. Have a super Tea on Tuesday, dear Pat.

  2. ahhh lovely Pat
    let's hear it for keeping the palace of the soul serene

    stay cool this week when it gets Hot Hot Hot

    Love how you've matched the pretty flowers on your tea cup with the beautiful blossoms all around you

    Happy T to ya

  3. Pretty little teacup. Gorgeous garden! Happy Tea Day!

  4. Such beautiful photos! Happy Tea on Tuesday!
    I so love your vintage dishes!

  5. Lovely pictures. I have taken pictures of thistle flowers before. The flower of the thistle is fascinating to look at.

  6. wonderful flowers...love your tea cups..

  7. your garden is just full of wonderful blooms and that tea set looks just beautiful... love the nordic blue... I just painted a wall that colour ... well matt painted it for me, but I directed and made him tea as a reward...xx

  8. Just beautiful flower photos today Pat. Love each one but none more so than that crazy wild thistle! Love the tea cups too.

  9. Oh what a pretty color of blue! That is a lovely set.
    Your flowers too are beautiful. I think thistles are so lovely. They are one of my favorite flower.