Tea on Tuesday

This 1938 photo (courtesy of somewhere in cyberspace) would seem to be the type of tea party I would have had as a child - were I "into" tea back then!!!! Of course, I was not yet a "glimmer" in my mother's mind in 1938!!! She was of the age to be having imaginary tea parties back then!!!

Who better to have as guests than animals??? Not quite a Mad Hatter's tea party - but it will do!!! A hawk, and a lobster- the lobster being quite content to be a guest and not an entree !!!!

                                                     How 'bout tea in a tree????

                           1921, Tea at the Kit-Kat Club - not sure where this club was!!!

My new Yixing clay teapot (all kinds available at Julieanna)

My very early morning tea-in my English lidded bone china mug- Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea- because it's 3am, and I am going BACK to bed!!!


  1. Love the Tea in a Tree! And that Yixing pot is lovely! I have 2, but never use them. One is a little one that is painted like a duck sleeping and the other is of usable size, but I find the handle gets very hot. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  2. Really fun post Pat...and your new tea pot is exquisite!
    I went to bed at 3am...I have been opening some boxes we put in storage when we were redoing our LR and it's like Pandora's box each time I open one...wonderful stuff (so much!) come exploding out needing a new home

    hope you get a good night's rest tonite Lady!

  3. Great little post Pat! That first picture could be you complete with the lobster! Lennie