Just a Quick Note....

If any of you are on Facebook, please drop by and follow (or become a "member") of Mountain Meadows Quilters.

I would love to have you!

After having a VERY successful first workshop with Pat Sloan in August, the quilting ball is rolling!

Starting again next year, we will have another quilter/teacher workshop  in the spring (teacher TBA), and, hopefully, have Pat return in the fall to teach another workshop, and  schedule a Saturday Sew In every now and then!!

The Facebook page is way to keep in touch, keep people up to date, and to post interesting links, quilts we are working on, and news from the quilting world!

Here is the FB link

For those of you not on FB, I will try to post Mountain Meadows Quilters updates here, as often as I can.

Would love to see you join us at a workshop sometime!!!

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  1. Girlfriend, I hope you are planning a Tea Tuesday post, because I plan to link regularly to your blog when I do. :) Your quilting thing sounds cool. I'd want to go, even though I don't quilt!