Yes, It's Tuesday......

.....and I am having tea (Twinings Lady Gray) Seems apropos, since it is a dreary, stormy, and VERY gray day today......

Since my computer service is spotty - the "power tower" is shrouded in clouds, I will just briefly post this contest link, just discovered on Facebook this morning.

Hope it's not raining where you are, but, if it is, get out your favorite Twinings, and post about it!!!!

 WIN - 6 Twinings History Mugs and a years supply of your favourite Twinings tea.

TELL US: Which is your favourite Twinings tea and why?

We will announce the winner this Friday at 4pm here on Facebook.

If you would like to see these mugs close up, visit:


  1. ooo that looks fun...thanks! hope it clears up soon!!

  2. Happy T day to you Pat...just checked our rain gauge and we got almost 2 inches...I Love a rainy day and we sure do need it...looks like it rained at least an inch while we were traveling too.

    Hope your fog clears ;)
    Happy October!