There are always challenges in life. I prefer the ones of the artistic variety- and love finding the challenge of the week on different blogs. The big challenge for me is finding the time to finish all these little things I start!!! Being of distracted mind, I flit from one thing to another, leaving a trail of incompletes in my path!

The BIG challenge for the past 2 weeks, for me, has bee
n getting over bronchitis! I dread the end of winter, because just when I think I have escaped the cold or the flu- my husband comes home with something!!! For me, it always is bronchitis, and I have to make sure it doesn't turn into pneumonia.

So, having spent the better part of last week sitting on the couch, sewing, reading and watching mindless tv, I managed to finish a few projects, and dig up ones long forgotten!!!
I am working on a painted rock - a challenge from Awfully Big Art Adventure. I have been participating in The Altered Page's Disintegration Project. I really need to go out and take pix of it's progress - Seth is posting pix on his blog. There are over 75
participants worldwide in the Disintegration!! How cool!!!It is always interesting to see others' interpretations!

My computer has been suffering from' satellite outage' problem
s the past few days- keeping me from posting pictures- or doing much of anything online.
For this brief moment in time - it appears the clouds have cleared and I am connected to the satellite- so I will post a picture or two of what I've been working on, then zoom over to Etsy and see if I can put up the listings before the computer dies again!!

This above is a quilt I started years ago, after reading an article about an artist in NY who was creating these from old kimonos. They are just handstitched together, and I don't think his even had backs. I have to hunt for the article! This one is old silks and kimono pieces with some modern repros of kimono prints.

Below are a group of 'make-do' pin cushions I am making. They will be in my Etsy shoppe as soon as the computer allows!!! They range from felted wool applique, to vintage crochet, feedsacks, and more. Some are on top of vintage jars, footed bowls, and molds. Each one different and one of a kind!! I love making them - I never know how they are going to turn out- it's always a surprise!

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  1. I've been wondering where you've been! My daughter is home with a "cough" right now - fingers crossed here. Some people get bronchitis so easily - take good care of yourself!!!

    I love the kimono quilt - the fabrics are beautiful! ,,,, and those pincushions are so sweet - they make me want to set up my sewing table properly just so I could have a cute pincushion on it :)