Spreading Myself Thin.....

......is what it feels like when I am trying to manage 2 blogs, a Facebook page, Myspace, an Etsy shoppe, and actual shop, and an occasional eBay listing!!!! Yikes, what have I gotten myself into!!

But , I couldn't live if I couldn't get my words on 'paper', so I'll do my best to keep up!

My household is fighting bronchitis - I have an appointment later today to get some meds before I end up with walking pneumonia! Yesterday, I took it easy and managed to get a little sewing in- I have some cute little pincushions that will be in the Etsy store in the next day or so.
In my stash, I have a bunch of neat old flour /feed sack fabrics, that really needed to be recreated. They go perfectly with these old zinc canning jar lids.
It was too cold in the studio to sit at the sewing machine (w/o the woodstove lit- brrr!), so I plopped in front of the tv and handstitched them all. More would have been done, if I had used the machine, but oh, well!

The other picture is one of my fabulous thrift store finds- a 1930's-40's Dresden Plate quilt top. All the vintage fabrics, some feedsack, are pieced into Dresde
n Plates and then were appliqued on a whole piece of fabric. I'm looking for the perfect backing, then will send this quilt top out to be machine quilted. Can't wait!!!


  1. Thanks for visiting! Those are darling. Hope you feel better soon. I know about being spred thin!

  2. How cute is that? When I first clicked on, I thought it was an ottoman made from a washtub. Wouldn't that be a fun project? Be my guest and make one and post photos for sure. I love the use of the jar lids. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Debbie

  3. The pin cushions are delightful and that dresden plate quilt - what a find!! I'm kind of feeling overwhelmed myself with trying to keep up with computer stuff and still create

  4. Debbie - I thought that too when I looked at the picture!!!How funny!!! I do have a washtub around here somewhere- but if it sold, postage would be killer!! LOL

  5. Love the buttons on the pincushions ~ great touch!

    Hope you feel better soon,
    ~ Dawn

  6. Wonderful pin cushions Pat = Love them! Such a great use of the great ole jar lids! You are a master huntress finding a quilt top like that and I bet you got it for a song too, which makes it all the more fun......a rescue mission LOL!