Just What I Need........

.......another blog!!!!!

This blog was created to be an avenue to display some of my art-full creations! It was getting too confusing to have my creative endeavors showing up on my blog about my life in the country.

My main blog, Ooglebloops' World, just celebrated its 1 year blogiversary!!!!! Woohoo!!!! You still have time to enter the random giveaway- leave a comment and the winner will be chosen on Valentine's Day!!!

Valentine's Day is also my mother's 80th birthday - so we are going to let her be the 'random number' picker!!!!

So, if you want to hear about my life as a 'country girl wannabe who got to be',
and ENTER the RANDOM GIVEAWAY - bookmark


and visit often!!!

And from time to time, if you are interested in what I'm working on in the studio, or what my friends have created, drop in here!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!


  1. Welcome to the "other side". haha Looking forward to your creations! ~Mindy

  2. YAY!! My first 'follower"!!!! Thanks!!! :>)

  3. I am having trouble posting comments on other blogs tho - the 'captcha' words are not going thru for some reason!!!!

  4. I'll be watching your new blog. You are industrious! I'm glad you'll keep the old one up. :) I am going to try to follow this one...but I've never managed to achieve following a blogspot blog. I always get an error when I try.