This 'n' That.......

Before I forget - a blog I just discovered is having a 100th post giveaway. You have to go there and enter - she's offering such cute stuff as a prize!!!
I am definitely going to add her blog to my 'blogs I follow "list!!

This morning's post was prompted by something I read on Peggy's blog, If you haven't checked out her blog, you must - she is a wonderful artist and writer, and has a great little shop with some of the best teas and body lotions!!!

Do you find that having a blog, forces you to be a little braver in putting your work out there?
I find it is easier to show my work (and words) to an invisible public, thru a blog. I try not to peel back too many layers, but a blog seems therapeutic in a way, and keeps me creating, instead of procrastinating!

Now that I have a blog (or 2!), I have an obligation of sorts, to keep it active, and hopefully, interesting!!!

This reminds me of an article I read in the Washington Post last year- Does the Web have a role in promoting social isolation- or does it hold out a hand and invite the socially isolated back into the world?

What do you think? Does having a blog keep your creativity moving, is it easier to present your art to the world thru the internet?

That said, time to step away from the computer and go finish a couple of projects so I have something to show in the next post!!


  1. thank you again for mentioning me and for taking this subject further. It is interesting that we can put our work out there to complete strangers and accept their opinions and then move on to the next creative project. When someone likes my work, without knowing me it lets my creative endeavor stand on its on merit maybe. I'm always suspect of my family's or friends opinions because they can't separate the work from me.

  2. I love your photo. It sort of goes with your question. I had just been thinking today about my isolated life .... kind of like hibernating (like these flowers are) ... but look - they're grouped with others of like kind. If I didn't have a link to the outside world I would go mad. Maybe it's because I feel like a fish out of water in this rural town I'm in. Maybe I need a farm :)

    Wow - facebook AND myspace! Maybe twitter is next ;)

  3. Belive it or not - I DO have Twitter - but just can't figure the purpose of that - other than keeping me on the computer even longer. Soo, it just exists, but i do nothing with it!!! LOL

  4. As I wrote in my post, I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with the stamps. Since then, I decided to keep and use them to make word cards and signs, etc. If I decide to sell them, you are second on the list of 6. Thanks for your interest. ~Mindy

  5. I have Twitter too--never use it.
    Great pic, btw.

  6. Thought provoking post. I think the internet can be either an extremely isolating experience or one in which community is formed and fostered. Maybe it is the person using the internet which determines the direction? Great photo too!

  7. I love the photo! Blogging inspires me and keeps me focused on art. It's certainly made a huge difference to my photography skills and I find I notice so much more now especially the beauty in simple little things. It does make me braver to put my work out there and though i supplied galleries before blogging I think sharing my work on the internet makes me less self concious.