Go Green - Go Furoshiki!!!!

Since I was a child, I have always been a fan of all things Japanese. From my childhood collection of Japanese dolls, to fascination and not so successful attempts at origami. As an adult, I discovered kimonos and the textiles used to create them. Then, there is Japanese pottery, and of course, tea!!!

Thanks to a gift from a well traveled friend, I am now enamored of yet another Japanese custom - wrapping cloth!

Furoshiki is a Japanese style of gift wrapping . In keeping with the belief of not being wasteful-beautiful fabric is used to wrap packages. This method can be used to wrap gifts, carry groceries, or, as my friend does, carry your lunch.
This fits perfectly in today's green movement, and is much prettier than the traditional recyclable/re-usable tote bag!

I watched the video link of Kakefuda Kyoto- I am drooling over the fabrics!!!

I practiced the technique on my 20" square furoshiki. It is amazingly simple. A larger fabric, as seen on the video, makes a more versatile tote.
Here is a brief tutorial of my attempt- I have a little problem with blogger, getting the photos and words to coincide! - but it will probably be much clearer to watch the video!!

**First, fold your fabric square in half- like a triangle.

**Then, tie knots in the opposite corners along the fold- about 1/3 of the way in from the point.

**Now, open the triangle and spread it out.

**Reverse the fold of the fabric (turn it inside out) and tuck the knots inside. Shake and fluff til you have a pouch.

**The two remaining points are now tied in a knot- and there you have it- a very "green" and stylish tote!

The video shows how to create different style "handles" for the totes. It is VERY cool! My next attempt will be with a much larger square of fabric from my stash!

Just "google" FUROSHKI to see other designs and sources for kits and fabrics.

Go green - GO FUROSHIKI!!!!!

I am hooked!! Thank you Teresa, for my furoshiki cloths - I love them!!!

See this video for how-to's

Happy folding!!!!!


  1. thanks....i could do this! lovely little scarf there!

  2. Very interesting...and your tutorial was fine!

  3. I've created a convert!!! Yeah!!!! Your folding was perfect and lovely!!!

  4. Just love this. Some of my quilting buddies wrapped our Christmas presents in fabric for the last few years and it's been so much fun, but I had no idea how to do it. Thanks for the site.

  5. In Japan, many attorneys carry their briefs in them to court. And some moving companies have really, really huge Furoshikis and move furniture in them. Last time I was in Japan, my friend Mari had a plain ol' American red and yellow bandana she wrapped her daughter's dance costume in for her lesson. Everybody uses them for everything. The Ministryof Japan (do a Google) has a very cool site on all different kinds of folds.

  6. A great idea! And the fabric is indeed lovely. Thanks for the photos and instructions.

  7. This is a great idea for those of us addicted to fabric. I buy it just because I love it...now it can actually have a purpose!!

  8. this is great ! how interesting - I have a friend who makes little purse / wallets out of a folded magazine page - great fun