Tea on Tuesday

As I write, late again to Tea on Tuesday, I am searching for pictures to complement today's theme "Where I Live". With 6,000 or so photos saved on my computer - it would take too long!! So, here are a few from yesterday, and from the other week, when there was still snow about!!

I am not sipping tea today (shhhh!), but plain ice water with fresh mint leaves floating in it. So, not only am I late, but I'm not even drinking tea!!!LOL

Today's theme is "Where I Live".

My town is Fulks Run, Va. A run is a small creek - they seem to be everywhere around here. Altho, I have heard a story that Fulks Run was named after the moonshine run between here and the town of Broadway. I think I prefer that story - a bit more colorful than just being named after a creek!!

This lovely little town is kind of a blink and you'll miss it place- on the main road thru town, heading to West Va, there's the elementary school, Turner Ham Grocery, Mac's Superette food and gas, Valleyland where the locals hang for lunch, a tiny 2 seater hair salon open 3 days a week, a small lumber store, and the Post Office. There are several other businesses hidden down old gravel roads - Bare's Auto Repair, Yankey's Firewood, and numerous cattle and chicken farms. There is a kind of Andy of Mayberry charm within this town - the bank in the next town runs episodes of Andy of Mayberry over and over in the waiting area- that and a new puzzle on the table, will keep you busy, if you have to wait to see the bank manager! I love it!!

Downtown Broadway has a bit more to offer, and Harrisonburg, home of JMU, even more.

Small town living is the life for me, as the theme song for "Green Acres" proclaims- I love it here!
The pictures show (not in any particular order) a mural on a building in Broadway- looks like the historic Meem's covered bridge; some barn art near the Mauzy exit of I-81; the center of town in Harrisonburg,Main Street in downtown Broadway in the rain; sitting amongst the fencing at the co-op staring at the chicken factory; the last snow I hope to see here for a long time!!!

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  1. I enjoyed hearing about your small-town life and seeing your photos, too. Very nice!

  2. It looks like a neat town! I live in a small southern city in Alabama and I really love the old fashioned downtown thing!

  3. OOh thank you I've never been to the States which is why I chose this subject !

  4. you live in a a gorgeous part of the world (just like me!)
    thanks so much for sharing!!! XOXO, Kimmie

  5. Lovely town and photos of it... I experienced snow like that for the first time a couple weeks ago in New York.

  6. Nicely done Pat,and great photos, a real guided tour of Fulks Run. The snow around your home looks so lovely. Lennie

  7. Great pictures! I'm ready for the ice water with the mint too!

  8. What a lovely place you live in Pat, thank you for all of the pictures of the local and scenery! Christen

  9. OMGosh Pat, your snow pics could be postcards!!!
    Fantastic and I get what you're saying about loads of pictures filed away on the computer!
    Lovely T post, sorry I missed it this week, just couldn't get it all together and go out of town for a couple days too!
    John Mayer was amazing!!!

  10. O what beauty to behold! Your photos took me back.

    Happy tea day...

    oxo Judy

  11. Love the horse with the blankie on :D Love the snow.
    LOVE a small town, too.
    Enjoying your work and your blog.

  12. Hey, this may be totally spurious, but I'm investigating my genealogy which, on one side and in the US, dead-ends with the immigration of Matthew and Ludwig Fulk around 1725. They settled in Fulks Run around 1735. Ludwig was burned at the stake by Native Americans. The chief's daughter married Matthew and spared him (I don't know how apocryphal that story is).

    Anyway, I can't find any reference to the foundation or naming of Fulks Run (note the plural...). However, I am increasingly starting to believe it was named after them. Do you have any idea when it was founded? As I say, they settled there between 1730 and 1735.