Inchies, Inchies, Inchies!!!!!!!!

I am surrounded by inchies- a new found passion!!!!!!
Altho' I have seen these before on many blogs, including Patty's, I read a post the other day, on Kimmie's blog.
Her pictures and description made the process very clear. She was describing the idea of "bricolage", which led me to a post on Elizabeth's blog, which in turn led me to Seth's blog........ You can see why a few minutes on the computer, can turn into hours...............

Anyway, one thing led to another, and I have to thank Kimmie- for affording me yet another distraction from the banalities of daily living!!!!LOL

Kimmie kindly sent me a link to Inchie Arts, where Ellen Hutson stocks an inventory of chipboard inchies, twinchies, inchie +'s, and more!!!
Boggles the mind - I had to bug Kimmie with a few questions about which was what- and placed my order for a package of 72 inchies. I got them in a day or two - fast service, with a nice little thank you note and an extra surprise goodie baggie of St. Patty's Day green ribbon!

These are mine - so far - there is more work to be done on them-and I am already swapping those! I have 40 or 50 more to work on. The recent paper swaps I was in, came in handy for working on these!

When I received the chipboards, I just had to grab one and do a little zentangle on one. My favorite inchie -so far- is the "wee zen angel", the top row, 1st on left. The zentangle is middle row, 2nd from left. I am sure they will all be favorites when completed!!!

So, if anyone is interesting in swapping inchies with an obsessed newbie (that would be me!)- please let me know! We could do 1, 2 or 10 - your choice!!!!


  1. I"ve heard of these but never really saw them before. Yours are cute.

  2. oo you could make felted inchies!!

  3. I'm doing inchies for inch by inch - we are working our way through the alphabet.
    Mine are a bit fragile to swap & as use bits & bobs from nature they don't always last very long.
    I am however thinking of hosting a matcbox makeover swap - details up today !

  4. I will be drawn into these mesmerizing little jewels soon...Happy Tea for Tuesday...I am enjoying French Lemon Cream tea from Petali's tea Room. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. Pat!!!! you are amazing!!! you are take the bull by the horns git er done kinda girl! I am so pleased to have sparked something here! These are GREAT!!!!

  6. So many beautiful work in here. Fabulous art.