Swaps Make Happy Mail!!!!

A couple of online swaps I participated in hit my mail box all around the same time!!!
That makes my mailbox and I do a happy dance!!!!I think even my postmaster enjoys the interesting envelopes I receive!!!
The first swap was a yo-yo brooch- I wrote a post on the one I did for Nathalie - and here is the one I received from her!! It is sooo cute, and the packaging was too. Nathalie has an Etsy shop called Ruby Floy- you've got to check it out!!!The cancelled check with the package was stamped and decorated (with a sentiment that just cracked me up!), and the brooch was attached to an old library card. I wore it that same day - it fit nicely on my lime green down vest!!! I also WON one of her giveaways- a little package of HOPE- little sewing machine bobbins stamped with the word "hope"- Everyone needs a little hope.... Thanks, Nathalie!!!

The other swap was from Post Card Travel Around the World to Liverpool-featuring the Fab Four!!!! I love receiving these cards and studying everyone's technique. Thank you Marion in Germany!!!

I think I have one more swap to expect in my mailbox - the tea bag swap- so I guess I will be doing another happy dance at the post office very soon!!!


  1. These are such interesting items!

  2. Creative stuff--I miss the old library cards.

  3. You weren't kidding when you said you liked green. :) You are set for St. Pat's Day!

  4. And you FAB 4 card is more than fab! Lucky you!

  5. Greetings,

    I have thought a few times to enter into swaps but have not one so yet. In part it is because as an artist I think like a man and I do find myself being out numbered by at least 100 to 1. For I am not in frilly things, or buttons but ephemeral material that is quirky and different. Not the Victorian that is being glorified by Somerset Magazines. So I continue to observe from the sidelines.

    So when I see what you and other have received in he mail, I am actually very happy for the recipients.

    I hope it brought a bit of a laugh . . .

    Warmest regards,

  6. A friend just showed me your blog - I love it and have also been playing around making pins out of fabric and buttons! It is so much fun! I also have an etsy shop "gotmojo?" silly, sassy signs and stuf - I will be looking at your shop in a moment - please - tell me more about swaps! What fun, I would love to try it too!
    Paula of "gotmojo?"

  7. Isn´t it fun to get art in the mail? I´m glad that you like my card!