Art Through Other Eyes.............................

If you have not been - you MUST go to Art Propelled

Several of her recent posts feature other artists' works from all over the world - as if hers were not phenomenal enough!!!:>)

The painted stones, boxed assemblages, the elephants ( I LOVE the elephants!!!) created from wood and woven recycled tires, and the Australian garden elfish gnomes- all utterly amazing!!! She has posted links to all the artists. Art Propelled's own wood carvings and totems are always very intriguing!

If you are finding your personal muse has taken a leave of absence, drop by this blog, for a pick-me-up!! A visit here will definitely give your stalled creativity a jump start!!!!


  1. Totally agree! Robyn's own artwork and her images of others' is always amazing and interesting!

  2. just got a chance to pop by art propelled = WOWEE, thanks for sharing Pat ... could get lost there for a long long time!
    Happy Fall Monday!
    ~*~ Patty

  3. Isn't Art Propelled a WONDERFUL place to visit. Gosh - I'd like to visit Robyn and her space. My first visit to her site was when she wrote about the monkey's from the jungle coming to visit her when she went into her studio. Wouldn't that be a trip!!!!