More Tea for Tuesday

I just got a little goodie in the mail today -from a new little tea business in New Market, Va.

I met the owner at the Broadway Autumn Festival last weekend-she was having a tea tasting in a quaint old building near my booth. Right now tea parties and selling teas are her business, but hopefully she will be able to open a tea room in Broadway.

I visited Susan Teter's website after meeting her that day - and filled out a little survey. Voila - a lovely free, decaf tea in the mail!!! She even took the time to visit my blog, finding out that I only drink decaf!!!!

This tea is very aromatic and tastes great-Bora Bora Mango Rooibos. I brewed up a pot earlier, and it is delicious! I will have a cup of it cold tonite, and add some of my lavender syrup to it.

I do make my own tea blends, but I am looking forward to the monthly tea tastings in that little brick building, which now houses Julieanna's, a neat little antiques/gift shop.

Be sure to visit her website, Over A Teacup and tell her I said hi!!!


  1. Thanks, Pat. I'm so glad you enjoyed the tea and what a nice commentary. I look forward to seeing you again! Blessings, Susan

  2. I Love Tuesday and Tea with you gals, Lennie

  3. Hi Pat, how lovely to be able to meet and enjoy people around you. And a free gift in the mail. enjoy- Christen

  4. OOH, tea! And in the mail too. How lovely. Rooibos is interesting. I always think of Precious Ramotswe when I drink it, from "The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency" books.

  5. Don't you just LOVE goodies in the mail! How was it with the lavender syrup?? Still gotta make some of that!!