Tea on Tuesday

My tea today is courtesy of Linda from Fiber Fabrications

A while back she wrote a post on harvesting hops - and I thought that was really cool! I asked if I could have a Hop(!), and she sent me a lovely bag of them!!!!
Hops are used in making beer, but are also helpful in inducing sleep. They are used in sleep masks, and I guess for tea also.
So, I took several of the dried blossoms and put them in some tea bags. These tea bags take a bit of work to open, and then (if I had read the directions before purchasing the, I wold have known!) you have to seal them closed with the heat of an iron or curling iron!!! So, curling iron it was - since that was handier!!! LOL

The daughter and I each had a cup- she thought it needed more additives, honey, etc- I thought it was just fine!! It probably could have used more blossoms in each tea bag, but I didn't want to waste my precious sleep inducers in tea!!! :>)

Well, the tea made us a tad drowsy, but it was good. I would prefer my hops this way, since I don't drink beer!

I have the lovely bag of hops hanging on my bedpost, and put it next to my pillow last night. I guess it worked - every time I woke up during the night, I took a whiff, and I went back to sleep! So, I would prefer to think it works, and is not all in my head!! LOL

So, thank you Linda for my sample of hops - and I think I may have to grow these next year!!!!!!

Please visit Kimmie, Patty and Nancy and feel free to drop in for tea any Tuesday!!!


  1. I gave my beer making friend most of the hops, and he ended up harvesting 8 pounds! Can you imagine? Mine are still in a plastic bag in the shop. Guess I will have to make a bag and hang it by my bedpost, too. Or, try a tea. Sounds very interesting. Glad you are enjoying them.

  2. Well, I learned something I didn't know while reading your blog. I Love that you can take a whiff and go right back to sleep, hope that continues for you. Great post. Lennie

  3. That is just sooo interesting! I'm always looking for things to help me sleep (naturally - and not chemically). Thanks for sharing! Have a lovely Tuesday!

  4. And the going back to sleep couldn't have something to do with the fact that you do barn chores, work in the garden, chase the horses, bale hay, etc. etc ?! That particular sleep aide is called EXHAUSTION.

  5. Mmmm...hops are potent. They do work well, but their taste must be acquired, me thinks.

    I joined in on Tea on Tuesday today. Actually I'll post shortly. I've been meaning to for a while, because I've enjoyed reading those who have tea on Tuesday.

  6. Two tea posts ! I'm late this week, just got back from my Mom's (see my T Tuesday post :)
    How interesting about the hops and won't it be lovely if a tea shop opens in B'way!