This, That, and the Other...................

This post is a conglomeration of things - first of all:

Happy New Year to all- and I wish you all an abundance of creativity flowing from within in the coming year, and the peace that will come as a result......

Next - I won a giveaway from Karen at The Graphics Fairy and it arrived yesterday!!! Woohoo!! A very generous giveaway - and thank you so much!!! I rarely win, and am excited I did!!! LOL

The giveaway consists of a lovely soap and lip balms from Tokyo Milk
They are designed by a Denver based illustrator, Margot Elena Wells. The packaging is fabulous - I can see these wrappers and boxes in a future project- and the lip balms and the huge bar of soap smell heavenly!!! You can go to the link to see what products she offers - I have my eye on an iced green tea lip balm, and one called Opera Mint. They can be ordered online or found at Anthropologie stores. My photos are not the best- but you get the idea!!!
I was using the soap this morning in the shower, and dropped it - and it woke up my husband - he thought I fell- nope- it was just the HUGE bar of soap!!!! LOL This should last thru many showers!!!

OK, we have covered THIS and THAT - now on to the OTHER..........

While purging some of the bins that clog our closets and basement- my mom came up with some craft supplies from her stash- and gave them to me to add to mine!!! Purging is a lost cause here, I guess!! LOL In her stash were some beaded items she had made- while living in Az, she did beadwork and made jewelry. Her forte used to be tiny handwork - she loves it - I hate it!!! LOL I will keep these pieces and add them to something.

The other "OTHER" is an original design of mine - back when I was playing around creating dolls- this one was "born" in 1995- entitled "Time Flies". She hung in my office for many years. Time has hair of blue wool roving with tiny clock buttons as a headband. The one thing I didn't consider when designing her, was to make an easier way to replace the battery!!! I am going to hang her back up on the wall again, but first, I have to open her back and dig out the old battery and replace it!!!

Well, that about covers and odd assortment of this, that and the other, for right now!!!
I hope everyone enjoys their first day of 2010!!!


  1. What a cute clock...

    Happy New Years!!!

  2. Oh you lucky thing you! Karen is so generous. Did you know she has her things in a shop in Lucketts, all wonderful of course!
    You are a good keeper of treasures ... purging is a challenge when we can see the beauty and potential in things, isn't it!
    Happiest of New Years to you and yours! Hope we get to see you for tea later this month!

  3. Love your Time Flies! A great find for New Years! I will always think of Time as a name now! And congrats on your get lucky win! All great things and useful too. BRRRRR it is cold here today. We'll see that you get some goodies from TJ's. Lennie

  4. A very unique and whimsical doll! I love her face. Happy new year!

  5. Great collection here and congrats on the win! I wish you a happy and healthy new year!!

  6. super little boxes !

    my son made a clock this year - I must show you ! xx

  7. Congrats on be a give-away winner. I was happy to win a couple of those last year as well--always nice to get something in the mail that is not a bill.

    Happy 2010 to you as well.

  8. Congratulations on your big win. Way to go. And that Time Flies doll is wonderful and so appropriate this time of year. You did an excellent job of making her, even if you have to dig around a bit for the battery. Happy New Year to you, too.