Once in a Blue Moon

Ever wonder where that saying came from - once in a blue moon? Well, visit Heart and Hand's blog to find out the history behind it.
I always remember my grandmother saying that- "that happens once in a blue moon..."

Tomorrow night, it will actually occur!!! The full moon of New Year's Eve will be that blue moon. My husband always swore, in his years on the police force, that the night of a full moon was when all the "crazies" came out!! I bet he's glad he's not working this New Year's Eve- the holiday, combined with the full moon, and a blue one at that - will probably make for a record night for the local constabularies!

I missed yesterday's Tuesday tea - but am making up for it today with some homegrown sage tea!!! I read about sage tea on someone else's blog (can't remember who), and decided that was what I needed this morning to take the chill out of my bones!!!

I spent 2 frigid hours in the barn this morning, with the farrier- a half hour of preparation prior to his arrival - feeding haying, mucking, halters on, sweeping out the entryway. I could barely write the check, by the time we were done - my fingers were frozen!!! I still have my many layers of clothing on - the thermostat inside reads 68 degrees - even tho the woodstove is burning. DH is not home - and I don't want to play with the stove to try to get it to burn hotter!!!

So, several cups of sage tea - altho I would really like a hot toddy!!- a egg sandwich cooked on my old cast iron pan, and some crocheting of wool squares to get the blood flowing back into my fingers.

I found some wonderful goodies at the thrift store yesterday, including a vintage test tube(!) filled with 27 metal English and American made crochet hooks of all sizes!!! I don't imagine they are worth very much - but to a beginning crocheter like me - they are a gold mine!! Some have the original price stamped on them - 25 cents! The really small hooks come with little metal caps to slide over the ends-very cool!! One appears to be very old - with a tiny hook at each end.This hook reminds me of the story an elderly German lady, named Irma, told me years ago, of her life during "the war". Luxury items were quite scarce- and people would save string to knit/crochet socks out of. The one end is so tiny, it could only crochet sewing thread!
I have been needing new crochet hooks - and I am so excited with these!!!
I need to figure out how to store them - so they are easily accessible in numerical size order. Sticking them in order, into a square of styrofoam would probably work - but wouldn't be too attractive!!

Well, enjoy some scenes from our snow laden farm and pix of my "new" crochet hooks!!! I am going back to the couch, with some more hot tea and my wool squares!!!!


  1. Ah, I love this post! Blue moon (thanks for the link to read more about it!), your very cool crochet hook finds and cozy words about hot tea and wood stoves.

    I had heard about what a blue moon was, but enjoyed reading the post nonetheless. What I didn't know was that tomorrow was a blue moon day! It's DH's and my wedding anniversary-- 15 years! I hope the moon is a good sign. :)

    I have some old crochet hooks too. Haven't used them since making snowflake ornaments once in college (MANY years ago now!) In my collection I have one carved from ivory and another that has a metal hook, but wooden handle. I use them now for fixing snags in knit sweaters (nothing else works like a crochet hook for that!)

    Today I am at the PO drinking coffee for warmth. No teapot handy and I already drank the Earl Grey I brought in my thermal mug. We got a new blanket of snow so "all is calm, all is bright" once again. How wonderful to have a White Christmas and now a Blue Moon New Year's Eve! Life is good.


  2. I knew we were to have one soon, but didn't know exactly when. Thanks for reminding me.

    I love your post, as well as your lovely photos. Those little crochet hooks would find their way in an assemblage in my world, so it's a good thing you snagged them and are putting them to the use for which they were intended.

    You asked a few days ago what a tip-in is. It's a decorated page (two sided) that is usually 5.5" X 8.5". They are more often than not made from card stock, so they can be heavy enough to place in your book.

    The phrase comes from an old book binding term, meaning to place the page (back) into the book by running a thin line of glue along the spine area of the signatures.

    Artist tip-ins are often traded, then added to books in several ways. The most common way is to cut two consecutive pages about 1/2" from the spine, which leaves a small flap for the tip-in to sit between. Using industrial strength tape on the inside of both pages, place the tip-in between the two 1/2" flaps and press firmly to secure the book pages (flaps) to the tip-in.

  3. Well pooky!! I forgot to wish you a very happy new year. Hope it's safe, warm, and happy. Hope those fingers are warm now, too!

  4. As we come to an end of a year and a decade, I am delighted to close the book on the last ten years that I feel were the worst in my 60 years. As for the 'blue moon', I see it as an omen, I feel that as we enter into 2010, things will be better, even though economic stagnation will continue a while longer.

    Wishing you and your family all the very best for 2010.

  5. I have dried sage from our garden that I insert into the stuffing of my spirit dolls, but tea is a whole other idea! I must try it. Great thrift store finds!

  6. I so love viewing the outdoor pics ... ty for sharing. It is bitter cold w/biting winds here also.

    Have a beautiful & blessed NEW YEAR ... I will be in & out of communication for a couple weeks.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  7. Can't believe it's blue moon time already!
    Your horsies look neat with their winter coats on!
    Stay warm you good thrifter you!
    Happy Happy New Year to you and yours!

  8. Lovely pictures....And on NPR radio they talked about the blue moon. Neat! Have a happy New Year.

  9. LOVE those snowy photos (even though I'm happy not to live where it's very snowy now). GREAT find on those crochet hooks!

  10. Beautiful shots!! A happy and healthy 2010 to you and yours!!

  11. Lovely pics!
    Wow, look at all that snow!!
    Happy New Year!!

  12. Enjoyed all your photos Pat, all of our wild life also have their winter coats on, the deer, the raccoons, the squirrels and the birds are all fluffed up too this morning. Enjoy a Happy New Year,I surely do enjoy your blog! Lennie

  13. I told of Sage tea whivh I had tried on a retreat in Greece ! I misses T Tuesday this week - will be back ! Drinking a cuppa now after a chilly dog walk along the beach - my son made it for me.

    Happy New Year & looking forward to seeing what everyone gets up to in Blogland in the next xx - will be looking out for the blue moon too !

  14. That's right!! I t was "bad Penny" where I heard of sage tea!! Thanks for reminding me - and Happy New Year with the promise of a wonderful 2010 for all!!!

  15. Thanks for the heads up about the blue moon - I'll be watching tonight. The crochet hooks were a great thrifty find. Enjoyed your photos.

    Happy New Year

  16. Thanks for your kind comment :) I have to say that the gift for me from the giveaway was friends, like you :) I love your blog btw!

    Hugs and Happy New Year