Tea on Tuesday

Following Kimmie and Patty's lead, "T" is for............TARDY!!!!!! That is what I am for posting this soooo late again.

I must remember to pre-post - since it seems like Tuesdays get away from me lately!!!!

"T" is also for "true blue" - the color of my heavy, primitively handmade pottery mug - another thrift store find - the artist made it his own Starbucks mug - by incising that name on it before firing! Today it is filled with some Bigelow Lemon Lift tea.

"T" is also for "turkey" - the leftovers are FINALLY finished, and the two of the wild ones just marched across my front lawn on their trek to the river!! Just before Thanksgiving there were 7 in that march - I hope the other 5 did not fall prey to the Thanksgiving Day hunt!!!!

"T" is for "tired - what I am after partially cleaning the paddocks! Did you know 3 full wheelbarrows of horse manure = 1 full tractor bucket and one sore back??????

"T" is for "trained"- what the horses are when they see their leather halters. They know they are going outside of their now brown paddocks to graze in the still green hay fields. Wait a minute, WHO is training WHO!!?!!

"T" is for "tarry" - what I am doing right now- sitting on the mounting block, in the sun, keeping the horses in my peripheral vision, while writing this post.....................


Be sure to visit Patty and Kimmie (altho' you probably already did yesterday!LOL), and join us, won't you????


  1. Great T post Pat :)
    the clarity of your photo when clicked is amazing!
    great shot, must go back for another lookie look

  2. Just think of all the horse manure that can be spread into the garden after it has burned and become 'hot'. We have a stable just 1.1 miles from my driveway and this year, i brought back enough for the front yard. Now it is time to get even more for the vegetable garden.

    I guess the horses have you trained . . .

    Warmest regards

  3. ... and T is for Toooooo funny :)
    Loving this post :)
    Happy T!!!