Snow Day

Since it was a snow day (and still is...!), and the husband was working on the new wood stove in the studio/basement, I started playing catch up on alot of the little projects that I started and never finished!!!!

Patty had done a challenge using corrugated cardboard. When she posted about it, I thought I might give it a try - it's been weeks, but snow allowed me to finish!!! I used a shoe graphic from Art Chix, sandwiched in between 2 pieces of cardboard. Added a pair of grommets, twine, tile words, and a vellum quote from Shakespeare. It is about 6 3/4" x 4 1/4". If you are a lover of all things "shoe", then this would be for you!!!

I started (and finished) another little one- the glue isn't even dry in the picture!This was a cardboard hang tag from a pair of jeans- corrugated on the back, smooth on the front, came with the twine and bead tie. It measures 4" x 3". The vellum words say "risk it" "I feel worthy of every kiss" "forever more"

And, started working on another matchbox, and the larger matchbox that will hold all the smaller ones from the swap!!

And, I believe it was Linda, who, when I posted a pic of my newly organized arts table, commented it wouldn't last long- well, she was right!!! This is what it looked like today!!!!


  1. Love the shot of your table. It could be the picture in a dictionary by the definition of create!!

  2. I agree with Seth! Your table looks like a happenin place to me!!!

    Love what you created with corrugated cardboard.
    It's true that you will have more inside time now AND a big matchbox to hold the smaller ones is a brilliant idea :) ...must go check out your snow pics!

  3. I'm not sure how I missed this post, but I sure did! The wall hangings you made with simple corrugated cardboard are stunning. You made it look great.

    As for your work space?? I see work in progress.