Christmas- A Little Bah Humbug

The "Bah Hum" Bug got ahold of me this year.
I was not really in the mood to drag out all the decorations, and get a real tree, or unearth the faux!!! Maybe when I have grandchildren!!! LOL That could be a while.........!!

I grabbed two of my small primitive faux trees, and decorated the larger one on the dining room table, and the smaller one by the tv. I used what I had on hand, and what was most accessible, to decorate, with a couple of traditional must haves, that come out every year.

One must-have is a gilt framed picture of St. Nick, the other is a string art Christmas tree that my daughter did when she was in elementary school. I had it framed, and that is hung every year.

The other must-have, is a quilt that I did, in 1992!! It was a Xmas block swap, with the Countryside Quilters of Sterling, Va. I think it was machine quilted by Anne Weber of Ashburn, Va. There might even be a block on there by "our" own Pat Sloan - I'll have to go check!!! My block is the candle block in the top center. I kept the worst of the candles for myself!! LOL My appliqueing has improved greatly since then!!! The flame is a little less than smooth!!!

The place settings are hunt themed dishes I got a couple of years ago in the thrift store, the Frosty ornament was a gift from a former neighbor, and the huntsman and hounds was also a thrift store find. Christmas is not complete without one of my Santas, and the Hallmark Frosty, who will play and sing ad nauseum, if allowed!!!!

I'm sure as the days go by, I will drag out some more holiday memorabilia and decorate, but for now - I'm done!!!


  1. it looks great, you don't have to go all out, it's fine.......I let my 8 yr old decorate our tree, I never do that, and I've not fixed it yet, and I'm not going to. It's perfectly fine!

  2. I love how your place looks and the quilt is wonderful. I let the grands decorate my one tree and didn't change it...and wont' (normally I would!!!) and I've not finished in here yet, either. Everyone seems to be in a slump lately with the decorating...wonder why?

  3. In spite of not being in the mood, it appears that getting these things out put you in the mood. I love your piano playing Santa -- so cute.
    We haven't even started decorating here yet. My husband thinks it's still early, but since it's so much work I like to get more than a week out of it. Maybe I'll start on my own, a little bit at a time. Happy holidays!

  4. You sound like me. Although I decorated the day after Thanksgiving, I am just going through the motions. I hope surrounding yourself with these pieces and their fond memories, will brighten your mood and put you in the spirit. That quilt alone should put a big smile on your face.

  5. It looks lovely, more than I have done...but I am leaving but for the last two years I have done hardly anything...I am so bad.

  6. You know....It's a lot of work this decorating business. I'm grateful that two of my three kids were more than willing to help out. What you did do, looks lovely.

  7. Well, even if you didn't do anything else your place looks festive and certainly in the holiday spirit. :)Bea

  8. It's beginning to look a lot like xmas!!!
    each year is different isn't it
    I find the putting out a lot easier (most years) than the putting away ... now that is always foremost in my mind when I decorate!