Matchbox Swap

Well, the mail-by date has come and gone. I hope everyone has received their matchboxes stuffed with goodies!!!!

This was soooo much fun - and I thank everyone for participating!!! I hope we can do this again after the holidays, so if any of you thought about doing it, but were not sure - you will get another opportunity!!!!

I am always up for individual swaps - so,if anyone wants to swap with me, just let me know!!!

I have temporarily misplaced the list of emails and links of everyone who participated-so if you have a pic of your swap- please leave a comment with a link, so everyone can see!!

I will look for the info today and revise this post with the info - organization is not my specialty!!! LOL

My swap partner has a tea blog - so I thought I would make that the theme. I had trouble stuffing all the items I wanted to into the box - so there may be a bit of variation from what is pictured! don't remember now, but I think I got about 23 or 25 items in there. I used vintage rickrack on the sides, a "Candies" jeans button for a drawer pull, and put a little door on the front with an Artchix graphic inside.

Here are the pics of what I sent my swap partner- they may not be in order - I have trouble with blogger- getting the pix to be where I want them to be!!!


  1. As you requested, the link for my displayed matchbox advent calendar...

    Your tea themed box is wonderful! Love the oversized nob! I made Patty's (my swap partner) into an ornament to hang on her tree. It got some tea themed items in it too. I also ran into the problem of too many things and not enough room. I would defintely do this swap again-- and I know someone else who would love to join too! Maybe I will just send you her blog link so maybe you could do a one on one. :)

  2. Goodness- it's Bad Penny! She wanted to join the next matchbox swap. Drop by and visit her two lovely blogs.

  3. Wow, I love little things, and this looks so fun.
    Me, me, me! (hand raised) to take part next time.

  4. Love the lacy drawer and pull AND all of the wonderful goodies inside!
    Here is a post of one matchbox I received (I am trading two :)) from Elizabeth in Kansas along with what I sent her, my photos are huge because I was having sizing issues at the time of that post:

    It sure was a lot of fun and lucky me I got a sweet one from Kimmie AND won a wonderful one from you too Pat!!! Thanks again for hosting!

  5. That was so cute. I had to remind myself that it was a matchbox. :)Bea

  6. Pat,

    I'm going to defer to Patty's post because her photos are so much better than mine. There's no way mine can compare to the photos she took. I would, however, like to include here some of the post from my blog.

    "Pat said to fill it (the decorated box) with whatever was comfortable. Well, I did just that. Actually, it's nice to know something about the person you are making the gift for, so I was really lucky. I put in a few things I knew would have special meaning to Patty, including the antique sewing machine charm, the elephant, the bird, a tiny feather, the crown, and a couple of rubber stamps.

    There were 33 discrete pieces in the box and I had so much fun packing them over and over until I got it right.

    I want to thank Pat for allowing me to play in this swap and Patty, without whom this swap would never have materialized (on my end). Thanks to both for a truly wonderful and fun swap." (excerpt from

    Thank you again, Pat for allowing me to join this swap.

  7. I have been thinking about the matchbox exchange but I am going to have to wait until next year. There are still too many irons in the fire.

    I must say I like the originality of the matchbox that you have created.

    Is there a page with rules and instructions for me to ponder over?

    As for having problems with Blogger, are you using Blogger in Draft? If not send me an email and I will supply you with a link and some instructions. I use Blogger in Draft and find it much better. The major difference is that you are using elements that are not available to the general public, but lately it has been very stable with little changes.

    Warmest regards

  8. Wow, Gorgeous box of treasures Pat!!
    I would love to join in another swap after the holidays.I've become a little addicted to these miniature treasure chests!
    ...would also love to do an individual swap with you sometime too? - Just let me know :)
    Well, I can hardly wait to receive a box from my swap partner now!! Been a fun swap!
    Jan x

  9. Nice works makes for a great blog! -Jayne

  10. Just received my matchbox from Jan all the way over from England in the mail today, and boy is it ever jammed full of all sorts of little tiny goodies. I'm just a tad bit behind in sending mine out to her (we exchanged email so she knows why), but it should be on it's way tomorrow. I love dressin up these little matchboxes and stuffing them with goodies. I definitely want to participate in the next swap, too!

  11. Here is some pics of the matchbox I sent to Lori for this swap

    Jan x

  12. what a cool matchbox! thanks for hosting this Pat- it was fun!

  13. My photo of the Matchbox I received from Kim is on my blog. Along with all the stuffed goodies Kim sent me some yummy tea too. Thank you both. It was fun.

  14. I loved your matchbox Patty and I loved reading all these entries about stuffing these little boxes. Who would have thought. Great pictures and all so original and so much of your personality shines thru this little matchbox. Lennie

  15. I have always decorated match boxes but had never seen any like the ones you have, so clever! Loved them! Kerrie

  16. Pat, I forgot to tell you how wonderful your Matchbox with the door is. Gosh I never in the world would have thought to do that. It is fabulous.