Etsy and eBay-Shameless Promotion.........

End of year closeout on the inventory in my eBay store! You can find me under seller name "iiithreat" - Store name is "ooglebloop's treasures"

Re-opened my Etsy shop with just a few items - I will be putting more in each day. Since I am on a creative roll and the woodstove is stoked up, I might as well!!!!

The neckwear pictured here (and more) are now listed in the Etsy shop!!

That's where I am headed right now- down to the studio, at the crack of early, with a cup of hot tea, and a head full of ideas!!!


  1. ROFLing at your title. I always promote my etsy without shame! I consider it a public service. hee hee. So many peple want my stuff (I tell myself) so I let them know when I am parting with it and for how much. It's a common curtesy. :)

  2. Love those scarves...especially the colours in the top one.
    Nothing wrong with promoting your etsy site!
    Love Linda
    PS Thank you for your kind comments re: ABAA.