Snowy Tea Tuesday!!!!

Patty's snow/tea post was quite lovely - and I would love to take my tea cup/mug outside - but balance being a rather tricky feat these days, with snow slick driveways and 3 foot snow drifts- my tea remains indoors!!!

With my rubber soled boots (the better for traction, my dear)my thermals, down vest, waterproof long drover's coat, and mismatched barn gloves, I totter out to the barn, aiming my path down the tire tread tracks left by the tractor. "The ol' man's" warm mash is hugged to my chest. It's hard enough keeping that warm on the trek to the barn - hot tea wouldn't have a chance!!!

But, once back inside, and shed of those extra outer layers, it becomes a TO-TEA-LY TEA-Riffic day! The kettle is always on, and I bounce between S. African Rooisbos, Jasmine Pearls (sent to me in a surprise packie from Judy :>) ) and some goji berry tea.
Another dear friend-also a Judy- sent me a tiny tea book - 365 Things Every Tea Lover Should Know! It is full of quotes, recipes, and tea info. I love it!!

Did you know: "a regular part of Tibetan life is to drink butter tea-made from black tea leave, yak butter and salt."!! MMMMM!!!

In the book is a timely quote from Menicus: "With melted snow I boil fragrant tea." Gee, that is something I could do with all that we have piled outside!!!!

Now, I am off to find my favorite taza de te- and fill it to the brim!!!!

Please feel free to join us for tea every Tuesday- snow or shine!!! Visit Kimmie or Patty for links to other ToT participants!


  1. Gorgeous tea post in every way Ms Pat!!!
    My tea cup photo is just off the back porch, looks like we got the same amount of snow!
    My acupuncturist went to Tibet recently and was served Yak Butter Tea by lots of lovely people. She said you learn to not finish your tea or they will refill it for you ... her strategy ... drink slowly VERY slowly ;)
    Guess we'll be able to get the cameras out for yet more snow pics ... I Love seeing them and am going back to click on yours for the close up!
    So Lovely!!!
    Stay warm and cozy!!! oxo

  2. 4th and 7th picturs are a piece of art on their own...just how much snow does one person need?

    not surprising you need your thermals.

    thank you for sharing TT.

    chriss x

  3. I agree, I love those cute little birdie tracks in the snow. I can see that photo framed on a wall.

  4. The winter pictures are beautiful! The beauty is the only thing I miss about snow.

    All the teas you mentioned are delightful to me...all so fragrant in their own way.

    I've been drinking Lemon Ginger tea by Yogi today. I seem to have picked up a bug, and it's so good for what ails me. Maybe a little later I'll get a tea post made. So far today I've done nothing but read, sleep, and knit a bit.

    Always enjoy having tea with you.

    oxo Judy

  5. Lovely snow photos. I'd like to know more about T Tuesdays. Tonight I'm sitting in my hotel room (I'm working out of town) drinking Zhena's Gypsy Tea - Lavender, Lemon Myrtle and Rooibos.

  6. pretty photos...looks soo cold...

  7. ... that is just plain weird all that snow you've got! I would be very very frustrated right now but you seem very calm and at peace with the whole business! Your photos are beautiful though! I'm glad you have lots of tea - and I hope your generator is hanging in there :)
    Happy T today!
    Cheers! Kimmie

  8. I am drinking my green tea as we speak...the snows continue to fall gently but 40 mile per hour winds are coming tonight. I am so hopeful that the tree spirits will assist them to remain tall and strong. Your photos are stunning and we will have these to remember when the hot humid days of July come a knocking a little later in the year! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  9. What a beautiful post. I like the blue-ish color that ties the photos together. I also like the contrast of warming tea with cold white winter. My favorite is the photo of the horses.

  10. Your snow shots are gorgeous. You sure had the snow this year. The last batch didn't even have a chance to melt, did it?

    I agree that Patty's tea must have been very cold by the time she drank it. Your new tea book looks and sounds delightful and the quotes are adorable. Yak butter? Yuck. Oh well, I'm up for anything, I guess.

  11. Just loved your snow photos. The little bird foot prints are so sweet.

  12. Greetings,

    I love this post of yours. The pictures are beautiful but I can certainly understand that too much snow can get tiresome.

    I love the book about tea and was wondering if you could send me the ISBN number with authors name so I can try to track it down, as it looks like something I should have in my tea library.

    Take care and wishing you all the best,

  13. these are stunning photos - I love looking at them as we get so little snow. The bird footprints are so sweet. Keep warm xx

  14. I loved reading about the tea book, and I love your snow photos, especially the one with the horses. They're beautiful.

    Now I'm thinking about a cup of tea. Enjoy your evening.

  15. So, beautiful!!
    Happy Valentine's Day.
    Hugs, Gayle.