Tea on a Snowy Tuesday

These pictures are not from today - but they very well could be........the weatherman is telling us we are getting MORE snow this afternoon!!!!

I awoke the other day to snow gently cascading down. I had to pull the curtain aside for a better look - I had just gotten used to having the grass under my feet/boots, and the occasional warm day!

It snowed for 12 hours straight, leaving about 10 inches, a bit easier to accept than the 2 feet we got last time!!!

As I sipped my hot Lemon Zinger- I gazed out at the fluffed up little birds who depend on me for breakfast early every morning. They were down in the field, finishing up the last of the cracked corn that the deer left behind. I put out their breakfast and then sat back as they flew back to "join" me for tea!

I drank ALOT of tea this weekend - keeping warm inside most of the time,making more teacup bird feeders and sewing up wool and yo-yo pin cushions. I also made a yo-yo brooch for a swap - but can't show that one yet!! I kind of like the way they turned out - I have not made yo-yo's in a really long time!!! The yellow pincushion is much more vibrantly colored than the picture shows.I have a very tiny stash of hand dyed wool, that really needs to be used up! Not sure where these two pin cushions will end up - on Etsy,or as a surprise in the mail to someone...............

Here is a pic of a wonderful thrift store find- a ceramic tea caddy - a Williamsburg reproduction from their Tea Time Collection. This piece was adapted from mid to late 18th century tea wares. So cute!!

I know I promised to write more of what I learned in my tea class, but I will save that for another Tuesday.
Please feel free to join us- see Kimmie or Patty for links to other T.o.T-ers! And welcome to Mary Helen, who is joining us for tea!!


  1. LOVE seeing your birds by the window...NOT loving that we are to get more snow tonight, too....AND them more on the weekend. ENOUGH, already!!!!

  2. very sweet birds against the snow. People are grumbling about the cold here but we are only just through January and - February can be even colder !

    Wrap up and - drink tea !

  3. I have never made yo-yos and now think I should. Very nice! I also love your country snowy setting and winter birdies, after all it *is* winter. I enjoy it. ;)

  4. Super photos--I love watching cardinals. I was with the kids the other day at a local hiking area and we were watching 4 cardinals at some feeders when a Downy woodpecker appeared. It was a nice treat.

  5. I love the use of your yo yo's, very nice. I starting making more last night. I'm getting a pretty good box full of them.

  6. Love your post today. Love those yo-yos and the colors are great with the buttons and such. Good Job!!!

  7. more snow ... now they are saying a good 5 inches!
    I had a beautiful red cardinal chipping chipping at your tea cup feeder ... nice of him to announce himself so I didn't miss him ... you did good getting such a nice photo of the birdies!
    I got my yoyo pin from Nathalie the other day and it's wonderful, have to wait to post about it until all the QB5 gals get theirs!
    Love what you created Pat!!!

  8. I don't envy your snowfall - but the birds - that's another story! If I had birds coming to a bird feeder, my dog would want to be out there all day "monitoring" the situation :) - poor birds!
    Stay warm and Happy T today!

  9. I love your tea caddy!!! The purse and pincushion are cute!!

  10. Glad that you could stay warm Pat, and look how productive you were, love the yo-yo treasures! Congrats on your tea cup bird feeders, I hope that you sell them all! Christen

  11. Great shots -- especially of the birds. Love the cardinal.

  12. Yo-Yo's can be so addictive...they offer the maker the time to brew their ideas on a slow burner and pass the time productively. I believe when the birds arrive outside my winter windows they are affirming that spring is close by. I have been drinking green tea all day...thank you. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  13. Tuesday, so soon?
    Where ever are my gloves?
    What ever shat I say?
    I'm late, I'm late...

  14. Love the eye candy. The wee birdies are so pretty on the windowsill.

  15. Your pictures are lovely. I especially like the one with the birds. Good eye!

  16. Greetings,

    I love the fact that you have cardinals in your garden. Being here out west, we do not have any cardinals nor any Luna moths, two creatures I would love to see in real life. For now I will enjoy seeing them in photographs found on blogs like yours.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Warmest regards

  17. Pat~ LOVE the wool pin cushions! So so cute! Found a cute "tea craft" here's the link:
    www.lollichops.com I thought of YOU!