Tea on Tuesday

Visit Pat Sloan's blog to see the ADORABLE teacup purses- she has a link to them - and is selling the how-to book!!!!

Went to a tea tasting at Julieanna's on Saturday - and got some goodies - a bag of delicious lemon gunpowder green tea, and an infuser that sits on top of your teacup or mug. It reminds me of an old fashioned porringer!!
The cute little soy candle in a teacup that I made, is in my Etsy shop right now!!!

This week's theme - is The 70's!!I kind of muddled thru them.

Memories of 1971:
*NOT a tea drinker back then (except for maybe Lipton's iced tea)
*The teacher who wore the black arm band protesting THE war
*High school graduation- when I was set loose on the world without a clue or direction
**** THE MUSIC!!!

Stairway to Heaven - Led Zepplin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcL---4xQYA

Imagine, John Lennon
Joy to the World, Three Dog Night
Maggie May, Rod Stewart
It's Too Late, Carole King
You've Got a Friend, James Taylor
Family Affair, Sly and the Family Stone

..................to name a few!!!!!

I am organizing a teabag swap - if anyone is interested. We will be swapping one on one- a way to share your favorite flavors, and learn about new ones. So far, it is Judy and I- all are welcome!!!
Judy sent me a sample of some wonderful jasmine pearls recently-they were delicious!!

If you are interested (and you don't have to be a Tea on Tuesday "player" to swap), mention that in your comment, with your email address!!When we get up to 10 names, we'll close it out, and I'll let you know who your swap partner is!

Please visit Kimmie for a list of other Tea on Tuesday participants on 70's Tuesday! Please join us - the more the merrier. Brew a cuppa, pull up to the keyboard, and tell us all about it...............


  1. great fun I'm finding with a theme it is less about tea but interesting none the less !

    If Rod Stewart was on Top of the Pops the mum of the friends I did the sweet mime to would let us stay up late that night as she was very happy seing him sing !

    Thanks but I won't join in the swap this time xx

  2. Your soy candle is neat!
    Love the song list, music is such a connection to everything, isn't it!
    Please count me in for the tea bag swap :)
    You are lucky to have Julieannia's nearby!
    Happy T Tuesday!

  3. I don't remember much of 1971 as I was in diapers--in strong contrast to now that I am surrounded by diapers.

  4. I'm glad you don't have any disco on your list (just kidding! - I'd still be your friend even if you did!) I would love to play in your tea swap! count me in!
    Cheers Today! Kimmie

  5. What a perfect tea post. The soy candle in a tea cup is the perfect way to show how you don't have to drink tea to display it.

    I think I lived through the 70s. Mostly remember high school graduation which came after 1971, but not much else. I do remember the music. I liked hard rock, my friends liked bubble gum or whatever it was called.

    Again, thanks for such a great post that took me down memory lane.

  6. I love the tea candle, and the purses are really cute! Thanks for the music list, beautiful! Christen

  7. What a wonderful thing to do with a tea cup, love the candle.

  8. I, too, love the teacup candle. I look forward to the exchange. I posted tea and about the swap.

    Happy tea Tuesday.

    oxo Judy

  9. I remember 1971 I was 9 years old....

  10. Oh yes! The music! I was a HUGE Yes fan and saw them 3 times... I also saw Journey, Boston, Jethro Tull, and ZZ Top to name a few. By-the-way, James Taylor and Carole King are touring together this year! Won't that be a wonderful show?

  11. Oh yeah... I forgot to mention... my very first rock concert was in 1973... Deep Purple; Made in Japan! My second... again in 1973: The Doobie Brothers; What were Once Vises are Now Habits. Also saw The Eagles and Jimmy Buffet in 1979 on the Hotel California tour!

  12. I was a naive 21 year old wife then with very little or no information about what was really happening in the world. I had just returned to Kent State but that is another story and a pot of tea to calm my broken heart. The music can still take me back to that time...my parents were both still alive and my brothers and sisters were not spread all out in the country. How do we participate in the Tea exchange exactly...I am trying not to be too literal but we make a great cup of tea and then we report back to our tea circle on our blogs. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  13. Count me in please! Imagine Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  14. I'd like to participate in the tea bag swap! What fun!

    Lori Northon
    lesseley at comcast dot net

  15. brilliant music you mentioned,
    sadlt my BIL passed away late last year and he being a fantastic 70's guitarist had stairway to heaven played at his funeral.

    please add me to your tea swap pat.

    thanks for joining us for tea this week.

    chriss x