What a Great Idea!

I was just reading Blue Ridge Boomer's latest post- she just received a happy package in the mail!!

Seems like Downy has a Quilt for Kids project going on. They will send you precut fabric to make a quilt. Your only cost is batting, return postage (and your time).

I just checked out the website and signed up!!! The quilt gallery is full of gorgeous quilts made for the kids! There is even a link to making wheelchair bags/totes- I downloaded that pattern!! You an also donate fabric to the cause.

Here are the links:
Quilts for Kids.org

Visit BR Boomer's blog to see the fabric she received.


  1. I've machine quilted Quilts for Kids that my friends in IN made. They are adorable fabrics. You can see finished ones on my blog. Great organization!!

  2. Thanks for the post....let's hope we can generate lots of warm quilts for the kids!! I' gonna raid my stash and maybe send them two on Monday!!

    Stay warm and enjoy.....LindaMay

  3. How wonderful! Well, we know what you'll be busy with soon! Hope you post your progress and finished piece. :)

  4. I've also signed up for that. Haven't received anything yet, but should be fun.

  5. I've done a couple of those too...they got together in 3 hours tops (ok, the tops do), and are so cheery it's hard not to smile while you're doing them. You can request that they send you multiple kits too, so that both you and they can save on postage. They managed to fit 3 kits into one envelope for me last week!

  6. Oh wow....love the post cards...and thanks for the little shout out below!!