The folks at Zentangle now have a blog!! Woohoo!! It's a work in progress, but I know it will be a great one to follow, once they get it up and running!!

These pix are not MY zentangles- I found them so long ago, I don't remember where - so I can't give credit to the artists. I may have seen them in the Zentangle newsletter or somewhere in cyberspace. But, I do have a vintage hand mirror exactly like this - and when I get brave enough, I may give this a shot!!

I have about 5 posts on zentangling I have done - here is one of them. I had been "tangling" a while,(actually long before I knew it had a name other than doodling!) and I think Kimmie got the idea to zentangle on a rock or shell. I tried it on my little white beach rocks- it was fun!!!

If you have nothing to do on this lovely Sunday, drop on over to Zentangle's new blog and try your hand at an artful doodle!!!


  1. glad to see you have 'the bug' again, I have some really nice pieces that you gifted me with or I guess we had a trade, didn't we!

    The Zentangle shoes are fabulous, Love the mirror too. JJJ saw a lady in the crowd in an Olympic shot and said "she has a Zentangle coat on!!!"

    I am enjoying revisiting doodling again too VERY MUCH hahaa!
    P.S. thanks for the bbb link, I have yet to actually READ or investigate the Zentangle websiste: http://www.zentangle.com/index.php
    wish I didn't have to sleep ;)

  2. oh and I am also the lucky recipient of a rock and piece of shell that Kimmie sent me in the tea cup swap

    Zentangle On ;)

  3. Hello there, I'm a new zentangler that has caught the bug! I've been creating zentangle-inspired jewelry this weekend. Would love it if you could stop by my blog for a visit.

    I have several posts with some of my zentangle-inspired atc's and jewelry, so please be sure to check out older posts as well ok?

    Thanks and again, it's nice meeting you! And what a small world it is . . . I follow Patty Szymkowicz *smiles*

  4. They are gorgeous. I know for a fact that the shoes are Maria Thomas', I think the mirror is too. She brings them to the certification workshops.

  5. love the shoes and the mirror. I do hope you do yours Pat and show it off for us too. Lennie

  6. oh boy - now I need to get me some white canvas shoes :)

  7. I followed your Zentangle link from Angela Cartwright's page...thank you so much for letting us know they now have a blog! I'm with your previous commenter...white canvas shoes are definitley in my future!

    Off to check your photography blog...my passion too...:)

    Imagination Lane