Anyone for a Teacup Exchange?????

After participating in Julieanna's Holiday Teacup Exchange (see previous Tea on Tuesday post), I decided I wanted to do an online teacup swap.

It will be fun- just sign up, when I think we have enough players, I will put all the names in a hat/bowl, and pair everyone with a partner. It will be a one on one swap, to be mailed out no later than January 15th, 2011. That way, all the hustle and bustle of the holidays will be out of the way, and we will all be looking forward to getting something in the mail again!!!

There are no rules, other than- if you sign up, make sure you put your teacup in the mail, so you don't disappoint your swap partner! -
Just find a teacup and saucer- one from your collection, a thrift store find, a vintage one, or brand new. If it appeals to you, your swap partner will love it too.

You don't have to be a blogger to participate, and you don't have to become a follower of mine to play. Altho', I love followers -the more, the merrier,  I won't turn you away!!!

Here are some I found recently - only 2 were gifts- the rest came from thrift shops. There are also two footed cups, I found recently at a thrift store, will save those for another post!! Teacups of all kinds are out there waiting for a new home!!!

In the back row, one unmarked vintage orphaned cup,  tiny handpainted demitasse, and a Japanese Royal Ming china.
Middle row, from left to right- English Stanley Fine Bone china (w/yellow roses); Federal Shape Syracuse China- Briarcliff Pattern; Lefton hand painted china w/ luncheon plate
Front row- Theodore Haviland Limoges France delicate bone china (gift); cream colored vintage Czechoslovakia; vintage Flow Blue Japan egg shell (gift)

View from the top - I love cups with an inside design!

These last two just came out of the thrift store. The first one looks like a souvenir teacup, with a decal of vintage Washington, DC on front.
This one looks like Lustreware- cute, even tho' it has a tiny chip on the lip.
Soooo, if you want to play- leave a comment, and sign  up. Send me your email address, or leave it in the comments.
We already have 5 people wanting to swap!!
Pat (that would be me!)
Keep your eyes open for that perfect teacup to swap!!


  1. Looking forward to some after Christmas fun! Can't wait for the teacup swap!

  2. I don't have anything to swap, but I always love your teacup posts! I've tried finding these in my local thrift shops, but honestly, I think your shops must be better for teacup hunting. In your photo, the one in the middle is especially lovely, and the one to the right of it with the luncheon plate reminds me of the 50's-70's? Not sure but the design is reminiscent of that time period. Google Mimi Kirchner, and check her blog for what she does with teacups -- absolutely incredible "Tiny World" soft sculptures!

  3. Add me to your tea cup swap Pat, I'll look forward to it in January but I'll be thinking on tea cup now. I should have looked for tea cups at the Rummage Sale in October, but I was too busy working. Love that flow blue tea cup in the photos. So,here is my email:
    Happy Holidays to All! Lennie

  4. Sign me

  5. wonderful array of tea cups
    fun view from above!

    I am sure you all will have a great time... I will look forward to a full report ;)

    fa la la

  6. OOOOooooo!!! Me too! I would prefer a tea mug if anyone else would like to have a mug. Otherwise, I'm absolutely fine with a tea cup.

    lesseley at comsast dot net

  7. Oops! Misspelled my email address!
    That should be: lesseley at comcast dot net!

  8. I'm going out on a limb here and sign up (in spite of saying I wouldn't ;). I don't have anything to swap right now, but I will find something! I do love teacups!
    bmooj125 at comcast dot net

  9. Hi Pat, sorry I didn't catch this earlier. I would love to swap with someone from the group. Happy day to you! cheers, Christen

  10. Sign me up for the tea cup swap please. It sounds like fun!

  11. Exchange is now CLOSED!!!! There might be room for one more- email me if interested, otherwise, I will be randomly matching swap partners tomorrow. :>) mountain dot meadows at yahoo dot com